Sunday Link-Off: 3, 2, 1 and Smile

Selena-Gomez-RevivalSo Steve is away this weekend, so that means it’s a double dose of links from me! *crickets* Alright, I appreciate the love here. Luckily I do have some free time this weekend to compile something for you. Let’s kick this off with Selena Gomez. You can catch her in the sequel to Neighbours next year as she causes havoc on Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne as a sorority moves next door this time around. Sounds like fun.

After the link, Drake is cursing the world of sports, animating classic Disney characters in 3D, try pronouncing the warmest place in Wales, not all selfies are cool and finally, the next mode of transportation is not the hover-board, it’s the cardboard!

So Serena Williams shockingly lost her US Open semi-final match and apparently it’s all Drake’s fault! (Zap2it)

Nicole Arbour ruffled some feathers with her “Dear Fat People” video and she still won’t back down, even saying she doesn’t bully in the latest interview. While she claims she doesn’t bully people, her attempt at satire is an epic fail especially when no one can see the comedy in the situation. (BBC)

Introducing, the middle finger emoji. (Gizmodo)

For Disney animator Glen Keane is known for such great works like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Pochahontas and Alladin to name a few. Watch him embrace technology and draw his famous characters in 3D. (Vimeo)

A case of mistaken identity has led NYPD to tackle an ex-tennis star in broad daylight. Can someone say oops? (Mashable)

Tesla founder Elon Musk must have some sort of evil secret agenda. He believes that nuking mars would be the quickest way to make it livable. Ok maybe he just wants to blow shit up because it’s fun. (CNET)

UK weatherman didn’t get tongue-tied when naming the warmest place in Wales. Try saying Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwll-llantysiliogogogoch without missing a beat. Just amazing. (Daily Mail)

Well… even this made it to the news in Australia. Canadian Conservative Party candidate Jerry Bance was caught urinating into a mug while working as a tradesman 3 years ago. Question is, why didn’t he just use a bathroom? (SMH)

Everything is cool until your parents do it right? Think again. Emily Musson and her boyfriend have taken some many selfies in ridiculous poses that her parents decided to recreate them in hilarious fashion. (Mashable)

Lesson of the day. Do not selfie and drive.

So… should guys do the man bun? The hipster trend is really catching on.

Last Week Tonight is still on hiatus but John Oliver has you covered for back to school! Heck, he’ll fast track you through high school.

Allow Ryan Higa to introduce you the next level of transportation. The cardboard.


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