Wednesday Link-Off: Follow Your Polls

rachel-mortenson-fredericks15-03It’s funny how much your perspective on an election can be affected by the polls. In #elxn42, what started as a battle between the NDP and CPC with the governing blues on top has seen Harper’s boys drop to an uncomfortable third. Does this mean they’re done? No. We’re some six or seven weeks out from the election. Anything can happen. Putting too much stock in early polls doesn’t do anyone any good.

Anyway, if it’s Wednesday, it must be time for us to do the links. Let’s change things up and kick things off with Rachel Mortenson.

Sun Media ace David Akin went to town on the ethical track record of Prime Minister Harper and the governing Conservative Party. (National Observer)

I think it’s too early to call it a two-way race but the Liberals have vaulted the Conservatives for 2nd in the polls. (CTV News)

How do you ruin a Conservative election campaign? By catching the candidate peeing in someone’s coffee cup. I’m serious. It happened. (CBC News)

Of course, #PeeGate speaks to the ongoing problems inside the Conservative Party. (iPolitics)

Meanwhile, in Iraq, ISIS is using chemical weapons. If this isn’t an international call to action, I don’t know what is. (The Guardian)

Per Sarah Palin, the language is no longer English. It is American. That and other anti-immigrant things. (Yahoo News)

John McAfee is planning a run for the Presidency which probably isn’t going to be in the top 100 crazy stories from the 2016 campaign. (Tech Crunch)

A homeopathy conference after a bunch of delegates took a hallucinogenic drug. Maybe I should give homeopaths a try. (The Independent)

Kids can’t just play a sport now. They have to be specially trained to make their parents millions of dollars. (

A new study says that beer goggles aren’t a thing. Sorry guys. (Psy Post)

Video of Stephen Colbert’s public access late-night trial run has surfaced on the internet.


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