Entertainment Link-Off: Getting Smoked

natalie dormerPlenty to check out in cinemas this weekend. There’s the horror sequel Sinister 2. There’s also a Hitman reboot in Agent 47. Finally there’s the stoner/actioner American Ultra. I still got a lot of catching up to do with other flicks after the Melbourne Film Festival, so it might take me a little bit of time before I get around to these flicks. Anyway, it’s time for the ELO since it’s Saturday again, and let’s kick things off with Natalie Dormer.

After the jump, a rundown on the initial draft of Fantastic Four, Aliens 5 might be in development hell, Damon Lindelof has some harsh words for those who reacted negatively to Game of Thrones season 5, and Kingsman is not James Bond.

The full rundown of an early draft of the Fantastic Four movie. Seems like there were some good ideas initially but I suppose it didn’t come to fruition in the end. (Birth Movies Death)

Aliens fans, you’re going to have to be patient. It seems like Ridley Scott’s Prometheus 2 will be holding up on the development of Alien 5. (Bloody Disgusting)

So the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spinoff was declared to be dead and now it’s alive again. (Variety)

Forbes has provided a new list of the highest paid actresses. Jennifer Lawrence tops the list at $52 million. Quite the impressive intake there. Anyway, there is also a separate list of the highest paid actors as well. I wonder when will they combine them both together. (Collider)

Damon Lindelof has some harsh words for the haters of Game of Thrones as he writes an epic rant to defend the show. (Entertainment Weekly)

Every year TV pilots leak onto the internet a little early. Could it all be just one big conspiracy? (Complex)

An awesome infographic detailing the most surprising and most disappointing TV series finales. (ChallengeResponse)

Taylor Swift definitely approves of Ryan Adams’ 1989 cover album. (Mashable)

A look back at the Mortal Kombat movie that was released 20 years ago! (THR)

The new trailer for The Martian amps up on the thrilling rescue mission on Mars.

Honest Trailers tackles Kingsman: The Secret Service! We get it, it ain’t James Bond!

Music recommendation of the week. Pentatonix does an amazing cover of Cheerleeder.


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