Entertainment Link-Off: Desperate Measures

rebecca ferguson mission impossibleThe latest installment of the Mission Impossible franchise is in theatres this weekend (at least in North America anyway). The series continues to uphold its quality, given its continual fresh tomatometer rating. Anyway, since it’s a new MI film, that means there is a new leading lady. Kicking off the ELO is Rebecca Ferguson, who happens to kick a lot of ass in the movie.

After the jump, even Bruce Boxleitner has given up on Tron, some tidbits on Netflix, Key and Peele is ending soon, Drake gets the advantage in the feud with Meek Mill and differentiating between X-Men Days of Future Past comic vs. movie.

Seems like Disney’s cancellation of Tron 3 was the last straw for Bruce Boxleitner. He is now done with the franchise. (Slashfilm)

Since Tom Cruise isn’t getting any younger, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Mission Impossible 6 get a bit of a fast track in terms of development. Oh and it looks like Mr. Cruise has pitched an idea for a sequel to Edge of Tomorrow as well. (The Playlist)

It may be over before it even properly began! Channing Tatum might be dropping out of the Gambit movie. (The Wrap)

Unlike a lot of the actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Michael Douglas is not signed on for multiple films in his contract. That being said, he does seem interested in making another appearance down the road. (Yahoo)

HBO wants eight seasons of Game of Thrones. Well that’s not entirely surprising. (Collider)

Meanwhile, budget issues may put David Fincher’s shows at HBO in jeopardy. (Collider)

Looks like the former Top Gear trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are taking their talents to Amazon for a new motoring show in 2016. (TV Line)

Netflix is going guns blazin’ when it comes to gaining viewership and subscribers. It will be spending a whopping $5 billion on content next year. (FC)

And there is good reason why they’re spending the money. Netflix is poised to overtake the cable networks in original programming. (Vulture)

Jessica Jones should be hitting the screens soon but when will The Defenders air on Netflix? (Birth Movies Death)

With the Vacation reboot in cinemas this weekend, it’s the perfect time to look back at the best scenes from the franchise over the years. (Slashfilm)

Sad news, Key and Peele will be ending after its current fifth season. On a positive note, at least the show is ending on its own terms and not due to cancellation. (The Wrap)

Speaking of Key and Peele, one of their latest skits treat teachers like sports stars in a Sportscenter spoof. The end result is quite funny. (Entertainment Weekly)

In case you missed it, the internet has been buzzing over that trainwreck of an interview that Good Morning Sacramento had with Cara Delevingne. (Mashable)

Explaining the beef between Drake and Meek Mill. I dunno about you, but I’m definitely enjoying the diss track Back to Back right now. (Mashable)

Michael Bay wants to channel his inner Ridley Scott in the latest trailer for 13 Hours. The film carries a Black Hawk Down vibe and definitely takes out the juvenile humour found in his latest works. Maybe this could work, but we’ll have to find out when the film hits theatres in January 2016.

Watch Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie and Joseph Gordon-Levitt totally destroy Christmas in the red band trailer for The Night Before.

Brie Larson’s filmography is looking quite impressive at this stage. Sadly she was overlooked last year at the Oscars for her work in Short Term 12, so perhaps this will be her breakout role. Despite the tagline “love knows no boundaries”, Room is not a generic family drama. It’s a gritty tale of a mother and son adapting to the outside world after behind held captive in a room for 5 years.

Simon Pegg dresses up as drunk Ron Weasley as he shows up for Harry Potter’s birthday party. What could go wrong?

Jimmy Fallon is on a roll this week. Before getting Pegg to show up in the above clip, Tom Cruise was on the show earlier in the week for an epic lip sync battle.

If you got some time to spare, here’s a video that tackles the differences between the film and comics for X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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