Wednesday Link-Off: Work Harder, Not Smarter

josephine-skriver-urbanoutfitters15-01I’d love to say that Jeb Bush is alone in thinking that people need to work more to earn their keep but we all know that’s not true. You can be amazing at your job but if the guy one cubicle down is working more hours than you, he’ll get the drop on you if he’s half as good as the next worst person there. Such is life. It’s not about what you’ve done or can do, it’s about what you’ve done lately.

Anyway, if it’s Wednesday, that means it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s introduce a new face to the blog and bring in Danish model Josephine Skriver.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is preparing to sign Canada up to the TPP. Our only saving grace is that he might erode his own base in doing so. (Boing Boing)

A new study says that 95% of women who’ve had abortions don’t regret it. Good! (Time)

The Romney 2012 campaign was effectively done from the 47% comment. Now, Jeb Bush has started his campaign by saying Americans need to work more. Foot meet mouth. (Washington Post)

Donald Trump is certainly making waves in the political realm but what exactly does his candidacy mean? Strategists from both parties try to sort it out. (WP The Fix)

If Forbes says that Donald Trump was exaggerating his fortune by about 100%, would that mean he’s any less credible than before? (Reason)

New York is going from a “No Means No” to a “Yes Means Yes” sexual consent law for college campuses. The problem is that legal scholars say the new law overreaches which could undermine the purpose of the law. (The Post-Standard)

The University of Toronto has approved a pseudo-science course in case you wanted to go to U of T. That’s one way to kill your credibility. (The Globe and Mail)

Just when you thought Reddit was getting back to normal, in-fighting among Reddit bosses has gone public. It includes various accusations about who did what to cause all these problems. (The Next Web)

With the WWE’s top women wrestlers finally making the jump from NXT to Raw, Rolling Stone interviewed Leva Bates, AKA NXT enhancement talent and fan favourite Blue Pants. (Rolling Stone)

In time for the British release of Inside Out, here’s a lengthy profile of Amy Poehler. (The Guardian)

What’s the most important club in the hip hop world? A strip club in Atlanta. (GQ)

Canadian road rage, eh.


It’s the Cole’s Notes version of Raw’s best segment but here is the debut of three of NXT’s stars.

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