Entertainment Link-Off: New Mission New Fate

sophie turner glamourIn cinemas this week, it’s the battle of the muscle men as Channing Tatum and co. return in Magic Mike XXL, whereas in the other corner there is Ah-nold making a return in Terminator Genisys. I saw Terminator Genisys earlier in the week and it’s a fine follow-up to the franchise. It doesn’t quite match the first two flicks but it does laps around the third and fourth one though. Since I went with Emilia Clarke last week to lead off the ELO, I shall go another GoT star this week with Sophie Turner’s latest shoot from Glamour. Oh you can catch her in the next X-Men movie as Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse. 

After the jump, a few tidbits on Terminator, Michael Fassbender channels Steve Jobs, Spielberg is a big fan of The Rock, we catch of glimpse of what John Carter of Mars could have been, Maleficent takes on Daenerys in a rap battle, Paul Rudd was quite gassy at a recent Ant-Man interview and Alex Trebek attempts the Fresh Prince theme song.

For those that have seen Terminator Genisys, here’s an explanation for Matt Smith’s small but VERY important role in the movie. (Crave Online)

Catch another glimpse of Deadpool in the new image from the movie. (Empire)

The new trailer for Steve Jobs has hit the interwebs. Have a look to see if the team of Danny Boyle, Aaron Sorkin and Michael Fassbender has

Steve Wozniak responds rather favourably to the new Steve Jobs biopic trailer. Maybe he will like this more than the 2013 flick that starred Ashton Kutcher. (Bloomberg)

James Gunn has some high praises for Ant-Man. Perhaps we should be a bit more optimistic about the film despite Edgar Wright’s departure from the film. (Facebook)

Catch a glimpse of the X-Men Days of Future Past Rogue Cut. (Entertainment Weekly)

Well there goes another piece of our childhood. Maria from Sesame Street is leaving the show for the wonderful world of retirement! (USA Today)

There are no signs of slowing down for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as he continues to pile up acting roles and reviving dead action franchises. In fact, he is such a likable figure, even Steven Spielberg is a fan. Check out the interview he did with Esquire revealing the moment he realized that he has made it as an actor. (Esquire) On top of that, The Rock also has a humble post featuring his thousand-watt smile as he gushes/fanboys over the fan letter from Spielberg. (Instagram)

Zachary Levi talks Heroes Reborn, the Tangled TV series, Comic-Con and more! (Collider)

Harry Knowles was to produce the axed project John Carter of Mars at Paramount. Finally the high-res sizzle reel has been released to show the beautiful concept art of what could have been. That being said, I still enjoyed the film that was eventually made by Disney but I can’t help but wonder if this version would have been better.

Watch Rocky Balboa train the son of his former foe Apollo Creed in the trailer for Creed. I gotta say, the Michael B. Jordan headlined pic is looking very promising.

It’s more of the same thing but this time it’s in England. If you liked Olympus Has Fallen, then perhaps London Has Fallen shall be your cup of tea.

The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials trailer gets a Minecraft makeover.

Rap battle between Maleficent and Daenerys. This time, catch Yvonne Strahovski display her rapping chops.

I do wonder about sketches on SNL that never make the final cut and now thanks to the internet, we can catch what was missed on live TV. Sometimes the sketches don’t quite make the grade but they are still funny. Check out Chris Pratt as Jason Statham as he tries to sell some Jason Steakums.

Catch the hilarious 20 minute interview that Stephen Colbert did with Eminem. The interview starts around the 22 minute mark of the video.

If you need to catch up on the Terminator franchise before seeing Genisys in cinemas, you can simply watch the 10 minute video that goes through the history of the franchise and all that you need to know from the previous 4 films.

Paul Rudd could not stop farting in a recent interview for Ant-Man. The end result is quire funny.

What would happen if Harry Potter was rated R? The Fine Brothers look into it and the result would have been a lot cooler if they didn’t censor out the coarse language.

So Alex Trebek does not quite nail the rap bits of the Fresh Prince theme song, he does give it a bit of a slam poetry take on it in an episode of Jeopardy recently. I can see why this is going viral.

And finally, Conan takes his staff to see Magic Mike XXL. Hilarity ensues.


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