Wednesday Link-Off: Pyrotechnics

anais-pouliot-ellecanada15-01This week has been one of those where does the time go weeks? I swear I had all sorts of things planned an none of it really happened. Instead, I’m behind on all my blogging that I wanted to do. At least I took a five-day weekend to help catch me up on shit. That includes finally getting around to editing the most recent episode of The Lowdown BlogCast. Hoping to have that up next week.

So it’s Canada Day on a Wednesday which means that we have to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Canadian model Anais Pouliot.

So Greece defaulted on its international debt. This is going to end well. (RT)

There’s more fallout from Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign and inflammatory rhetoric. NBC has dropped the Miss Universe pageant and Trump has pulled out of The Celebrity Apprentice. I’m not sure which show’s continued existence show surprises me more. (The Hollywood Reporter)

How is Bernie Sanders’ Presidential campaign going? He’s raised $8.3 million so far which would have put him second among Republicans at this point in time in 2011. Basically, he’s doing really well for himself right now. (New York Times)

The FCC might have upheld Net Neutrality but you always have to watch out for someone’s next political move. The Republican commissioner of the FCC says that the internet isn’t a necessity in the day-to-day lives of Americans. That would be like going back 100+ years and saying electric light isn’t a necessity since you can always use candles. (Motherboard)

The Girl Scouts received a $100,000 donation. The catch? It can’t be used to support transgendered girls in the Scouts. They sent the money back. Good for them. I hope people donate enough to more than make up for it. (Washington Post)

John Oliver keeps dropping truths. On this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight, he talked about how zoo animals can get so stressed that they can’t mate. Well, that’s effectively what he got to anyway. (The Dodo)

First, it was an insider trading scandal. Now, Phil Mickelson is in the middle of an illegal gambling scandal. (Outside the Lines)

This may surprise you but the latest growing subset of heroin users is young athletes transitioning from painkillers. (Sports Illustrated)

The differences between men and women in Hollywood isn’t just pay and starring roles. Zoe Saldana says that the off-the-set treatment of actors favours men over women. (Indie Wire)

CNN thought there was an ISIS flag at the London Pride parade. It was just dildos and buttplugs. Nothing to get uppity about. (Daily Intelligencer)

And since it’s Canada Day, here’s Montreal’s Epic Meal Time doing a poutine pizza.


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