Sunday Link-Off: Maybe Father’s Day

nina-dobrev-lafilmfest15-01I know that today is Father’s Day but with all that’s been happened in the world this past week, I wouldn’t blame anyone if you forgot that. Between Charleston and Spokane and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, there has been a lot in the news occupying us this week.

Anyway, it’s Sunday so it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Nina Dobrev.

As is often the case, Charles Pierce has one of the best takes on a big story. This time, he has the best take on the Charleston shooting. (Esquire)

Whenever a high-profile shooting occurs, people talk gun control. That tends to quickly end when people think it’s not possible. However, that’s just one of several myths about gun control that keep holding it back. (The Guardian)

Good news! While everyone was distracted with the Charleston shooting, the US House of Representatives put the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the fast track to approval. (The Hill)

Before last Wednesday’s shooting it looked like the big story of the week was shaping up to be the Spokane NAACP boss identifying as black when she’s white. (Time)

I hope you didn’t buy your father Beats headphones for Father’s Day. If you did, you’re just wasting your money on marketing sizzle with no steak. (Gizmodo)

As the Women’s World Cup reaches the knockout stages, concern over US star’s domestic violence history hasn’t gone away. (Sporting News)

Most mainstream interviews about wrestling aren’t that interesting. Then again, most mainstream interviews about wrestling aren’t this one with Jerry “The King” Lawler. (Crave Online)

I actually think that Lawler’s interview is far more interesting than Bret Hart’s take on modern wrestling.  (Sports Illustrated)

Brian Williams’ post-suspension plan looks to be set. He’s going to MSNBC while Lester Holt holds down the Nightly News chair. (Variety)

Remember Upworthy? It’s the clickbait site that everyone wanted to be when it peaked at over 40 million uniques in August 2014. In eight months, it’s lost over half of its readership and is looking to reboot. (The Awl)

Inside HBO’s reinvention and ascent to the top of the TV world. (Hollywood Reporter)

With Inside Out premiering this weekend, where does it rank among Pixar’s films? (Vulture)

StarCraft II’s most charismatic and highest-earning player, MC, announced his retirement this week. This career highlight’s package might not have gameplay but it does show what made him so popular.


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