Entertainment Link-Off: Dino-mite!

Bryce Dallas Howard Jurassic World PremiereIt’s been 12 years since the original flick but Jurassic World, the fourth installment of the franchise is finally in theatres and it’s a worthy sequel to the dinosaur-centric films. Despite a few minor flaws, the overall experience of the movie is quite good. Anyway, let’s start off this edition of the ELO with the leading lady Bryce Dallas Howard. 

After the jump, a fun little Jurassic Park fan theory, Tomorrowland is losing Dinsey a lot of money, check out the extended interview with the Gilmore Girls cast, Grant Theft Auto in real life, imagine Jon Snow doing a Pantene commercial and a fun little ditty on mixing up Bryce Dallas Howard with another acclaimed redhead actress Jessica Chastain.

Here’s a fun little fan theory that’s up for discussion. Could Chris Pratt’s character Owen, be that volunteer kid in the 1993 Jurassic Park film? (Slashfilm)

Well I guess you can see why Disney is hesitant to invest in Tron 3. Another one of their sci-fi properties, Tomorrowland, is bound to put them $150 in the red! (The Hollywood Reporter)

Given Kingsman was a hit at the box office, it’s not entirely surprising that there are rumblings of a sequel. Now director Matthew Vaughan shares that he is in the midst of writing a follow-up. (Yahoo)

Pitch Perfect 3 seems to be trucking along. Despite not having the main stars locked in (aside from Hailee Steinfeld), Universal is moving forward with the project and plans to bring back writer Kay Cannon into the fold. (The Hollywood Reporter)

The Lonely Island will be dropping their movie at a cinema near you in the summer of 2016. (Deadline)

This is a long but good one. Extended interview with the cast of Gilmore Girls before their panel at ATX. Here’s to hoping for a reunion show at some point! (TV Line)

You know that saying, if it ain’t broke don’t… oh screw it, no one learns from that. Anyway, looks like The Flash will trying to channel more Arrow as it plans to cast a new love interest for Barry Allen, who just happens to be a Felicity Smoak copycat. I thought having one was enough. (Collider)

This past week, there was some sad news in the entertainment biz. Christopher Lee has passed away at the age of 93. Peter Jackson, who directed him in the LOTR trilogy wrote a touching tribute to the late actor. (Facebook)

Ok Simpsons fans, you can hide your pitchforks. Homer and Marge aren’t exactly breaking up. (Mashable)

That’s so fetch! There’s gonna be a Mean Girls mobile game! (Entertainment Weekly)

George R. R. Martin is not interested in settling your Game of Thrones arguments on the interwebs. (Uproxx)

Get excited. Here’s an extended TV spot for the next Bond flick Spectre.

They’re taking the fight to the Capitol in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2.

Check out this amazing live action short film that really captures the style of Grand Theft Auto. If this can be done so well, why can’t Hollywood make proper video game adaptations? Have a look at Real GTA.

Sure The Lost World: Jurassic Park managed to entertain me as a kid, at second look, it’s an awfully flawed flick. With Jurassic World in cinemas now, let’s look at the honest trailer for the first sequel to Jurassic Park.

Music recommendation of the week. Fake Bryce Dallas Howard has a little ditty that is very catchy as she highlights her frustrations with being mistaken for Jessica Chastain. Have a listen to Jessica Chastain: The Musical.

Alright Jon Snow… time to meet some Jon Snow impressionists.

Bryce Dallas Howard revealed her talent to cry on demand. In this case, all she had to do was listen to Conan talk about Home Depot.

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