Entertainment Link-Off: Riff-Off!

Emilia-Clarke-Harpers-BazaarTwo big flicks facing off at the cinemas this weekend. There’s the critically acclaimed actioner Mad Max: Fury Road. Then there’s also the highly anticipated sequel Pitch Perfect 2. I say just spend the day at the theatre and watch both! They’re great flicks! That being said, the Barden Bellas are pitch slapping their competition at the box office right now. Anyway, if you don’t feel like hitting up the cinemas, there’s always a new episode of Game of Thrones. Emilia Clarke can belt out a tune or two, but too bad the show doesn’t give her the opportunity to do so!

After the jump, a quick look at TV upfronts, some sequel news, Jeremy Lin reacts to NBA 2K15, and Anna Kendrick challenges James Cordon to a riff off. 

A lot has happened over TV upfronts week as the networks revealed what has been renewed, what has been cancelled and which pilots are lined up for the upcoming season. It’s a lot of cover, so in short, let’s just look at the best, the worst and the weirdest moments from TV’s big week. (Variety)

Mindy Project fans rejoice! The comedy will be back (despite being cancelled) and be bigger than ever with a 26 episode order from Hulu! (Hulu)

I’m always up for a good hockey flick. With the Stanley Cup Playoffs in full throttle right now, there is no better time to announce a sequel to the film Goon. Sean William Scott will be reprising his role and Jay Baruchel will be directing. (THR)

The title has been revealed for the next Planet of the Apes film and it’s quite telling of where the story is headed. (Collider)

Bradley Cooper may have gotten his start on TV, but despite being classified as an A-lister now, he has signed up for a recurring role in the Limitless TV series, which pretty much makes the show a direct sequel to the film. (Deadline)

Alex Garland has never been a huge fan of sequels but that doesn’t stop him from planting seeds. Despite the fact that he has no plans to be heavily involved with 28 Months Later, he did come up with an idea and it’s currently being fleshed out at the moment. (The Playlist)

While it was unfortunate to see Constantine get cancelled by NBC, it’s good to see that there are folks still very passionate about keeping the DC television universe alive. Case and point, Stephen Amell has offered to guest star in the series if it gets picked up by a network. (Slashfilm)

Don’t look for any ‘dark turns’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe according to Kevin Feige. (Comic Book Movie)

You know a show is on its last legs when the main cast starts to break off. Case and point, Harry Shearer, voice of Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner and more, have called it quits after 26 seasons on The Simpsons. (NPR)

Watch Jeremy Lin play NBA 2K15 with AJ Rafael and react to his own player rating in the game. (Lakers Nation)

A look at the top 10 hottest actresses that can sing. Make sure you click on that Youtube link once you reach #1. It’s quite impressive. (Joblo)

Anna Kendrick got wind of the James Cordon telling everyone that he’s the best acapella singer, so she challenged him to a riff-off.

The new teaser for Hitman: Agent 47 attempts to explain the opening credits to the popular show Mad Men.

Oh those minions are up to no good again in the hilarious new trailer for Minions.

First look at Scream Queens on FOX. With a cast so loaded like this, betcha a whole bunch of them will be killed off before the season ends.

Meanwhile onto another ‘Scream’ project, the teaser for the MTV show pretty much killed off the actors from the other series on the network.

Is it just me or does the trailer for CBS’ Supergirl look a bit underwhelming?

First look at DC’s Legends of Tomorrow reveals quite a bit and seems to be taking a lighter tone like The Flash. Unfortunately, it will be a long wait as the show is not planned to air until midseason 2016!

Music recommendation of the week. Acapella cover of Elastic Heart by Daniela Andrade and KRNFX.


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