Wednesday Link-Off: Botchamania

zooey-deschanel-cosmo15-01Sometime, it’s easy to come up with a theme for a post. Other time, you find two links that are vaguely related to some common theme so you can toss that in as a theme. So we have a link about botches in wrestling and another about CZW. Well, that’s just tailor-made for Botchamania.

Anyway, it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s change things up and kick off with Zooey Deschanel. At least her show survived to next season not many people seem to stick around Fox for long.

Toronto FC fans shouted sexually vulgar remarks at a City News reporter on Sunday. Writing this intro to the link made me realize how easy it is to say something like that and generalize a whole group of people who don’t deserve it. These people don’t represent TFC or its fans but we almost make it sound that way when generalizing the story like this. (Toronto Sun)

One of the men that heckled the reporter was fired from his day job. I’d imagine he’ll have some wrongful dismissal action on the way. (CBC News)

If you’re a minimum-wage worker in the US and want to get above the poverty line, you only need to work 50 hours a week to get there. And where is a worker supposed to find time for a family. (Wall Street Journal)

After John Oliver’s feature story this weekend, maternity leave in America, or the lack thereof, is back in the news. It doesn’t look like public pressure will change things any time soon. (

“I can’t be racist because I’m an ethnic minority woman.” Somehow, I don’t think that works. (London Evening Standard)

You might know the name Nick Gage if you watch Botchamania. He just returned to the squared circle after a prison stint for robbery. (Daily News)

Speaking of Botchamania, Maffew got his own feature on Sports Illustrated’s website. He’s a mega-star now, brother. (Sports Illustrated) By the way, anyone else in Chrome not getting SI’s website to work? They fucked up! They fucked up!

Today, in a more equal-opportunity world, the female loser is becoming a staple of Hollywood productions. Umm… I guess that’s a good thing? (New Republic)

Tinder is supposed to be a quick dating app but its users don’t always seem to follow through on the purpose. (New York Times)

Who wants to learn about The Animaniacs? (Mental Floss)

Move over Maury. A New Jersey woman is going to need child support from two men for her twins. That’s because one man is the father of one twin and a different man is the other one. I guess that means they aren’t really twins. (New York Post)

And here’s that aforementioned John Oliver piece about the lack of paid time off for new parents.

I seldom run videos that are ads but if I was a professional videographer, I’d be getting one of these.

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