Entertainment Link-Off: Hitting the Right Notes

brittany-snow-comsomayRejoice! Pitch Perfect 2 is out (in Australia anyway)! Based on the reviews so far, it seems like the sequel is music to our ears. Let’s kick off the ELO with one of the Bardon Bellas, Brittany Snow.

After the jump, fun tidbits on Pitch Perfect 2, you can blame Australia for ruining the tomatometer for Paul Blart 2, you need to see Avengers: Infinity War in IMAX, Joss Whedon reveals why he quit Twitter, Bill Nye explains holograms with emoji, and Fifty Shades of… great there’s gonna be two more of these… good job world!

With Pitch Perfect 2 out this weekend in Australia (North American folks can see it next week), it would be appropriate to check out 25 facts about the sequel before checking out the film in cinemas. (Collider)

Pall Blart: Mall Cop 2 was an undeserving sequel to a film that shouldn’t have existed in the first place. While the first flick scored a 33% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the new film was sitting at 0%! That is… until an Australian critic came along and ruined everything. (Mashable)

While Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the lowly rated Agent Carter got picked up for another season at ABC, it looks like the spin-off show has been canned already. (Deadline)

Now that’s gonna be quite the visual feast. Avengers: Infinity War will be filmed in IMAX for its entirety! (Slashfilm)

Spoiler alert. Aaron Taylor-Johnson discusses his future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Cinema Blend)

Joss Whedon may have quit Twitter but it was not due to angry fans or militant feminists though. (Buzzfeed)

X-Men fans rejoice! Professor X will indeed be bald in X-Men: Apocalypse! (Collider)

Superhero shows are the rage now on TV, so CBS is dipping its toes in the genre with its first pick up of the new fall season, Supergirl. (Variety)

George Lucas will be enjoying the new Star Wars flicks like the general audience as his plans for the flick were scrapped in favour of a new treatment from Disney. At least we now know why Disney wanted to veer away from the original plans. (Vanity Fair)

Tom Hardy may have dropped out of Suicide Squad, but he ain’t done with the DC Universe just yet. He is teasing of an unnamed project and it sounds quite intriguing. (Collider)

FOX has cancelled The Mindy Project but Hulu might save it! (Vulture)

Class act. Jimmy Kimmel will not be airing a new episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live against David Letterman’s Late Show finale. (Huffington Post)

Watch Bill Nye explain holograms with emoji! (Mashable)

Sure Furious 7 sure had its unbelievable/unrealistic action sequences, but the movie wouldn’t work if they did follow the logic of real life as highlighted in this video.

If you were having doubts about the new Vacation movie, rest assured, the red band trailer looks pretty darn funny. Not bad considering that the film is quite self-aware of the original and takes it to a whole new level as Rusty now has a family of his own.

The honour of the 100th edition trailer of Honest Trailer goes to Fifty Shades of Grey. As always, the clip is hilarious and it points out everything wrong with the (not-so) kinky film.

Here’s something that should bring a smile to your face. At a recent concert, Ed Sheeran interrupted his performance of All of the Stars to allow for a proposal to take place on stage. Aww he’s got a soft spot for some romance.


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