Sunday Link-Off: You Link or You Die

emilia-clarke-hollywoodreporter15-05Okay, today’s linkdump is a little late because I had a busy day yesterday. I had no idea that curling once a year was that hard on your quads. I do DDP Yoga and do a lot of squats and leg exercises with that but it doesn’t help me much today. So I’m not sure if we’re lucky that the post is late or if it’s up at all since movement is exceptionally difficult.

Anyway, it’s Sunday so it’s time for the links. Since Game of Thrones is back tonight (YES!), here’s Emilia Clarke.

Darren Sharper was an NFL star. Now, he’s a convicted serial rapist. (At least that’s what I think you call someone who pleas out.) The problem is that he could have been stopped years before he was. How did the investigation fail so badly? (Pro Publica)

Ron Paul might be the internet’s favourite Paul but Rand is trying to catch up. He has a pretty smart stance on the War on Drugs. (The Hill)

While this story about a female teacher having sex with a student and getting a sweetheart plea deal is interesting and all, the real important part is talking about the double-standards with regards to sex with minors. (IJ Review)

All your memes are belong to Putin. Russia has made many internet memes illegal. (Washington Post)

Did you know that fantasy sports turns 35-years-old this year? The first Rotisserie baseball league started in 1980. Now, fantasy sports is billion-dollar business. (The New Yorker)

Scott Steiner might be under police investigation for alleged death threats against Hulk Hogan but he can apparently be a nice guy. (Kevin Eck Wrestling)

Baseball started with Brett Lawrie striking out. On 12 pitches. In four at-bats. Are you glad the Jays traded him now? (SB Nation)

Since Game of Thrones returns tonight (reviews on et geekera on Tuesdays and The Lowdown on Fridays [along with Fridays of Ice and Fire on each]), here is all 30 MLB teams as Game of Thrones characters. (DRays Bay)

So tangentially related to that model who accidentally gave away a car on The Price is Right, she isn’t the first one to screw something up, she won’t be the last and she won’t have the best one. (AV Club)

They’re making a documentary about Paul Newman’s racing career. Awesomeballs.


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