Entertainment Link-Off: See You Again

deborah ann woll nylonThere’s no new big contender at the box office this weekend as Fast and Furious 7 continues to dominate. Meanwhile at home on your TV screens, there are plenty to look forward to. Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley return on Sunday. Over on Netflix, there’s the premiere of the new Daredevil series. You can catch former True Blood star Deborah Ann Woll in the superhero series too! Bonus! 

After the jump, a few tidbits on superhero related stuff, no more Simpsons DVDs, Jon Snow makes a poor dinner guest and catch the teaser trailer for Wong Fu Productions’ new movie!

So with Daredevil finally released, let’s take a look at how the Netflix series fits with the overall Marvel cinematic universe. (Slashfilm)

Sure, Furious 7 is raking in the cash right now but plans for a Fast & Furious 8 is stuck in neutral. I say it’s only a matter of time, knowing how movie studios like to operate. (THR)

It looks like WB wants Eddie Redmayne to headline the Harry Potter spin-off flick. It’s all his… assuming he wants the role. (Variety)

Speaking of wishlists, James Wan seems to be quite in-demand lately fresh off the Furious 7 success. Now WB wants to lure him into making the upcoming Aquaman flick. (THR)

First look at Ant-Man facing off against Yellow Jacket in the upcoming Ant-Man flick. (Entertainment Weekly)

Some nifty concept art to tease the appearance of Angel in X-Men: Apocalypse. Or shall I say Archangel? (Empire)

Say it ain’t so! They’re gonna try for a remake of She’s All That?! (The Wrap)

Finally a better look at Vision in his own character poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron. (Marvel)

The Flash movie is in safe hands as it appears that the brains behind the 21 Jump Street reboot and The Lego Movie have been tapped to work on the speedster movie. (Deadline)

So the first clip from the upcoming Jurassic World flick was a bit underwhelming and people are complaining about the lack of chemistry between the two lead actors. Heck, Joss Whedon isn’t a fan either and has labelled it sexist too! (Collider)

Bad news Simpsons fans. If you’re looking to collect the DVDs for the entire series, it ain’t gonna happen. The products are being discontinued. Perhaps the show is simply a victim of its own longevity. (THR)

Good news! More episodes of Arrested Development to come! (Uproxx)

So the spinoff to Arrow/The Flash will be called The Atom… for now. (Screen Rant)

Watch Matt Murdoch transition into the Daredevil red suit.

Having Jon Snow as a guest at your dinner party is probably not a good idea…

Now that’s one heck of a trailer for the remaining episodes of The Flash at Wondercon.

Just to gear up for the Game of Thrones premiere, let Key and Peele give you a recap of the series.

Mortal Kombat X is coming out in a few days. Here’s the official launch trailer featuring some System of a Down.

Wong Fu Productions have released a teaser for their crowd funded film Everything Before Us.


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