Sunday Link-Off: Not Safe for Work

rosie-huntington-whiteley-esquireuk15-03After taking last Wednesday off to spend my time writing the Formula One season previews, it’s time for my editions of the link-off to resume normal service. While the title might say NSFW, there aren’t any NSFW links. There are some people with some NSFW professions being talked about but wouldn’t reading about that be the fun part of your day.

Anyway, let’s end the preamble and start the links. Let’s kick things off with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

If there’s a Ponzi scheme that shakes Canada and no one in Canada was shaken, did it really shake the country? (New York Times Magazine)

The 47 Republican Senators sent a letter to the leadership of Iran that effectively tried to threaten Iran out of signing the long-awaited nuclear agreement with America. Many pundits suggest this is close to treason. (Bloomberg)

And the “Iranian hardliners” sent a letter back. (Slate)

Political paramour and occasional pornstar Sydney Leathers is back in the news with another political sex scandal. (The Fix)

You might not know the name Shimiken but he’s one of the last of a dying breed. He’s one of 70 male pornstars in the Japanese industries. Having done over 7,000 films with 7,500 co-stars in 18 years and the Japanese porn industry putting out 4,000 films a month, he’s starting to burn out. (Details)

You hear all of the complaints about the “human cockfighting” that is the UFC but that ignores proper cockfighting. With all the focus on MMA, there is actual cockfighting throughout America. (Vice Sports)

A paper on basketball presented at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference says that basketball teams need to change how they foul at the end of the games. They suggest fouling sooner and leading teams should foul more. And that will kill the game of basketball. (Vice Sports)

NFL defensive back Darrelle Revis talks about being Revis Island when playing defence. Thanks to his new contract, he can actually afford to buy a Revis Island. (Wall Street Journal)

Many moons ago, I suggested that Twitter would be the downfall of athletes that followed women to quietly DM them for hookups. A Boston Bruins rookie just did that. (Deadspin)

Everybody wants to be a contestant on a game show but what about those who work on a game show? Here’s a look at how the clues are written for Jeopardy. After all, you can’t give a question if there are no answers. (AV Club)

I’m not sure what the popular opinion of The Bachelor is but it’s probably one of the worst shows on television. A few former contestants tell-all about how their experiences affected their future romantic lives. (The Week)

Let’s just keep the theme of this post going as pornstars read mean PornHub comments about them. Is there any chance that the blog won’t be blocked at everyone’s office come Monday?


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