Entertainment Link-Off: Fairytale Ending

lily jamesBefore the next installment of the Divergent series hits theatres, Disney is gonna cash in on a classic tale this weekend with Cinderella. Based on strong reviews and word of mouth, it looks like this flick will be dominating the box office. So let’s kick things off with the lead Lily James. Apparently the corset was so tight during filming, she had to stick to a liquid diet. Ouch!

After the jump, HBO doesn’t want Game of Thrones to end, Liam Neeson is planning to quit action films, Top Gear may have come to an abrupt end, first look at Mortal Kombat X story mode, and catch the season finale of the webseries David.

Looks like HBO wants to extend the run of Game of Thrones but aren’t open to ending it all off with a movie. (Slashfilm)

Some fantastic images from the reboot of Fantastic Four. (Total Film)

Liam Neeson is enjoying a career resurgence with action films lately but he has revealed there is a limit to all this and he may stop making pumping people full of lead in about 2 years time. (Independent)

First look at The Scorch Trials, sequel to The Maze Runner. Based on the pics revealed, there is certainly a lot less maze running going on this time around. (Entertainment Weekly)

It’s really happening. Director Joseph Kosinski is returning to helm Tron 3 and the main cast remains intact. Now the big question is, will Daft Punk return to score the film again? (IMDB)

So you got character posters for the other Avengers, now finally there’s one for Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver! (Yahoo)

Disney has a habit of taking their old stories or classics and putting a spin on it to make it ‘fresh’ nowadays, but perhaps sometimes by sticking with tradition and telling the same old story just might be more beneficial after all. (Slashfilm)

Top Gear fans are left with a bitter taste in the mouths as BBC pulled Top Gear from their schedule and suspended Jeremy Clarkson after he allegedly punched the producer for not having hot food around after filming. (Mashable)

Q&A with Alison Brie as she talks about dealing with Community’s cancellation and it’s revival on Yahoo. (TV Insider)

FOX is keeping it in-house for the Emmys as they tap Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andy Samberg to host the show this year. (THR)

Well Game of Thrones is aiming for global domination as the show is intended to be aired simultaneously worldwide on April 12th. (The Verve)

The Walking Dead companion series has yet to air but hey, AMC is giving out multiseason orders out like candy, so why not! (Badass Digest)

They picked the perfect day to make the reveal, but on Friday the 13th, Jason Voorhees was announced as a DLC playable character in Mortal Kombat X. (Entertainment Weekly)

Sharing the experience from the Mortal Kombat X storymode. Looking very promising so far! (Polygon)

Catch the 7 minute preview of the story mode of Mortal Kombat X. (IGN)

Discussing about Power/Rangers with director Joseph Kahn and producer Adi Shankar. (Collider)

It might be a marketing tool fore Marvel and Microsoft but it sure does bring a smile to our faces. Heck, it also benefits those in need to, so why the heck not! Anyway, Robert Downey Jr. teamed up with engineering student Alex Manero to deliver a bionic arm to 7 year old Alex Pring, who has a deformed right arm. The true unsung hero in this is Alex Manero, who is the one behind the Collective Project, which makes 3D printed bionic limbs to kids at no cost to their parents. Find out more here.

We’re inching closer and closer to the premiere of Daredevil on Netflix, so here’s the new trailer featuring a bit more of Kingpin.

The new trailer for Tomorrowland is quite action packed! Definitely has me quite excited!

While we’re on something Disney related, how about the latest clip for Pixar’s Inside Out?

Derek Zoolander and Hansel made an appearance at Valentino’s latest show. I guess it’s safe to say that we can expect the Zoolander sequel next year.

So Tom Hanks appears in Carly Rae Jepsen’s new MV…

For all of you following the ELO and David Choi’s webseries “David”. Here is the season finale!


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