Wednesday Link-Off: At Least The Game Was Good

alessandra-ambrosio-oceandrive15-05It’s been a long week for me IRL and we’re only two days in. I was hoping to write an IndyCar news update for yesterday but I didn’t have any time to do that. I’m lucky I pulled this post together. Maybe I’ll get the IndyCar update tomorrow or Friday. I do have a game review to cover you off one day this week so that should be fun. Remember when I used to do some topical opining at the start of these posts?

Anyway, since it’s Wednesday, that must mean that it’s links time. You might have missed her but fresh off her Super Bowl ad appearance, here’s Alessandra Ambrosio.

You may not know but Albuquerque has one of the highest rates of fatal police shootings in America. So why has no one noticed? (New Yorker)

DJ Esco went to Abu Dhabi to perform at the season ending F1 Grand Prix. His stay included 56 days in jail. This is his story. (The Fader)

Back in 2002, Germany legalized prostitution. Over a decade later, the fallout is still being felt. (The Telegraph)

George Zimmerman was back in trouble with the law last week after a domestic assault charges were brought up and dropped. It seems to have been happening increasingly frequently since that infamous trial. (Think Progress)

Croatia cancelled the debts of their poorest citizens because they’re awesome. (Washington Post)

Sir Stephen Fry, a staunch atheist, explains what he would say if he met God. (The Independent)

Someone accused Johnny Manziel of stealing the show following the Super Bowl by announcing he was going to rehab. I’d give that award to Warren Sapp. (Yahoo Sports)

ESPN has been overdoing the Fall Out Boy so much that they’re apologizing for it being played so much. (Chat Sports)

Fun fact: Left Shark is at the heart of the Taylor Swift / Katy Perry feud. (Us Magazine)

Bad news: Rich people are less sad than the rest of us. But GOOD NEWS: They aren’t happier than the rest of us either. (FastCo.Exist)

Brian Williams is at it again. This time, he’s dropping some sick beats to Snoop’s Who Am I?


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