Entertainment Link-Off: Rising Tide

maria valverde exodus gods and kings premiereIf you’re in Australia this weekend, you get a first look at Exodus Gods and Kings a week ahead of the folks in North America. You can also catch Maria Valverde in the film, so let’s kick off the ELO with her.

After the jump, some news on Bond 24, Ryan Reynolds just might be getting his wish to play Deadpool, some more tidbits on Edgar Wright’s falling out with Marvel, Chris Rock writes about the race problem in Hollywood, Stephen Colbert explains how the new light saber works and finally Nick Offerman shares how whisky keeps his heart ticking.

If you want to forget that Quantum of Solace ever existed, then you’ll be very disappointed. Mr. White will be appearing in Bond 24, which is now known as Spectre. I guess there are some brownie points for continuity. (Empire)

Speaking of James Bond, looks like his ride in the film is pretty sweet. (Mashable)

Monica Bellucci is officially the oldest bond girl to be cast at the age of 50. Seriously though, take a good look at her and I’m sure you’ll find it hard to believe she’s reached half a century. (Joblo)

Principle shooting for Batman v Superman has wrapped. Time for post-production and work on the CGI! (Slashfilm)

Now it looks like Deadpool movie is really getting Ryan Reynolds on board. (Deadline)

Benedict Cumberbatch has been circling the Doctor Strange role and now it’s confirmed! (Marvel)

Evangeline Lilly sheds more light into the split between Marvel and Edgar Wright over Ant-Man. The rumours are true, Edgar’s vision would not fit into the Marvel cinematic universe. (Buzzfeed)

Tom Cavanagh talks about The Flash and discusses about his mysterious character Dr. Wells. Definitely one of the more fascinating parts of the show! (Collider)

Chris Rock writes an interesting essay on Hollywood’s race problem. (The Hollywood Reporter)

How to pull out of a sitcom recession on network TV? (Vulture)

Is it just me or does the trailer for Terminator Genisys look… kinda bad?

Since the new Terminator Genisys trailer is out, it’s time to break it down and see what the teaser has revealed to us so far. (Slashfilm)

The wheels are really turning for The Walking Dead’s companion series as the show casts its lead character. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Stephen Colbert analyzes that light saber from Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer.

Listen to the first full song from the film Into the Woods featuring Anna Kendrick!

In the Christmas themed couch gag for The Simpsons, they included an obligatory reference to Frozen.

Music recommendation of the week. The a capella cover of Halleliujah from Peter Hollens and Jackie Evancho. I got chills!

Ron Swanson… I mean Nick Offerman shares his Tales of Whisky.


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