Wednesday Link-Off: Politics and Power

rihanna-esquireuk14-05Good news! We’re finally getting away from the Jian Ghomeshi story… Well, for the most part we’re getting away from it. Everyone’s going quiet and it might go away if that lawsuit gets dropped. Then we get to see what the law will do.

Anyway, it’s time for today’s edition of the links. To change things up, let’s kick things off with Rihanna.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is gearing up for an election. A wave of patriotism and concern over terrorism could cause him to call an early election in the hopes on politicking his way to another term in power. (Toronto Star)

Among the fallout from the Ghomeshi saga is that Q’s executive producer is leaving the program to find other opportunities in the organization. (CBC)

Good news web users! President Obama supports Net Neutrality. The GOP is already trying to spin it and I’m worried that telecom’s pockets are so deep that they could buy a veto overrule but this is a good start. (The Guardian)

We might think that we’re an increasingly tolerant and inclusive culture but the use of the N-word now is greater now than in years prior because of social media. (Washington Post)

At this week’s APEC Summit, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott confronted Russian President Vlad Putin over the shooting down of MH17. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Trouble is fixing to break out on the set of Hockey Night in Canada. Don Cherry is increasingly unhappy with his time and number segments being cut in the move from CBC to Sportsnet. (The Globe and Mail)

I know I said that I was getting away from oral histories but it’s Sorkin so I’m slightly obligated to include it. It’s an oral history of Sports Night. (EW)

There was a report this week that Robert Plant tore up a contract for an $800 million Led Zeppelin reunion tour. Apparently it’s a load of crap. (Music Times)

Nancy Grace is in trouble with the (civil) law after running false info on her TV show. I’m sure everyone has an opinion about that news. (New York Post)

Here’s a random story from Reddit. A man with depression went to Mexico to kill himself. Instead, he did a bunch of cocaine and strippers and decided to live. (Total Frat Move)

Mountain Dew is going to let you do the Dew in Doritos flavour now. That’s probably terrible but you don’t have to wait to find out. Francis shows you how to make it yourself.

It’s a bit of an infomercial but here’s Tiff Needell racing a Volvo transport truck against a Koenigsegg.


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