Entertainment Link-Off: Big Screen or Little Screen

adrianne-palicki-johnwick14-04Howdy folks. It’s Steve in for Jackie this week. He picked a good week for me to come in to do the links as a substitute because Marvel and DC are keeping us busy with their ongoing movie and TV efforts. The various six-year plans of the two comic publishers have me wondering what their TV plans are. DC are pushing TV over movies while Marvel aren’t putting any money into live-action TV. While DC is putting Justice League (including JLA/U and JLD) characters on TV, Marvel has licensed almost all their characters for movies so there isn’t much left for TV and they don’t want to give the big names recurring cameos on Agents of SHIELD which makes it look like an afterthought despite being really good this year.

Sorry, why am I here? Oh, right. It’s the entertainment links. Keeping with the Marvel theme, here’s Adrianne Palicki who is getting a stint on Agents of SHIELD and stars in John Wick.

At one point, Matthew McConaughey was famous (or maybe infamous) for taking his shirt off in movies and that was it. Over the last couple of years, he’s completely reinvented himself and his career. What changed? (GQ)

While Marvel is trying to dominate the silver screen, DC is going after the small screen. Constantine is the fourth DC show on network TV right now but it also might be the weakest if premiere reviews are anything to go off of. (Daily Telegraph)

And DC’s comparative lack of movie success shows in their dealings with actors. Ben Affleck wanted a Batsuit from Batman v. Superman: The Justice League Prequel and Warner Brothers said it would cost him $100,000. Robert Downey Jr. joked that he wanted the big A from The Avengers. Disney just delivered it to his office in Venice. (ComicBook.com)

While we know what a number of former Twin Peaks stars will be doing next year, what is the cast doing now? (Vulture)

And speaking of Twin Peaks, co-creator Mark Frost is working on a book to bridge the 25 years between the end of the original series and the 2016 revival. (The Hollywood Reporter)

There’a a theory floating around the internet that The Walking Dead is going to end as a Rick Grimes coma dream rather than the zombie apocalypse. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the arse after one of the best long-running comic series out there right now? (Uproxx)

Today in really late sequels, there’s a Bad Santa sequel in development. There’s no such thing as milking all the money out of a franchise. (/Film)

Now that the required legal hurdles have been cleared, Google is starting to remove links to Fappening photos. The question is if they should have been more proactive in pulling half the internet from its links library. (The Daily Dot)

Remember last year’s big Red Bull space jump? Well a 58-year-old Google senior VP just topped it (without making it a big TV event). (New York Times)

Did you know that it’s been almost eight years since Kim Kardashian was a thing? It seems like longer. That’s probably because of everything that’s come out of the release of her sex tape in early 2007. (Warming Glow)

Love em or hate em, TMZ just did the world a solid. They broke a story about Mama June of Honey Boo Boo fame dating a convicted child molester and TLC immediately cancelled the series. (TMZ)

If I know Jackie, he would have posted this video in this weekend’s ELO. Granted, if I know Jackie, this would have been the first item, the last item and the only item. Not that that idea would have been without merit.

I don’t have any other videos relevant to this week so here’s Phil Hartman.

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