Entertainment Link-Off: In A Flash

danielle panabakerSo the Fall TV season is in high gear as most of the new and returning shows have premiered. A standout this season is The Flash, which is carrying some solid ratings (for the CW anyway). So far, after 2 episodes, it certainly has me hooked. It probably helps that Danielle Panabaker appears in the series as Caitlin Snow.

After the jump, revisiting the ‘Dead’ series again, a new twist to Gambit’s origin story, a few comics related stories, and Jimmy Fallon has a new hit single.

G. Cameron Romero, son of George Romero is looking to follow the footsteps of his father and dive into the ‘Dead’ franchise by directing a prequel to the 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead. Sometimes I do worry about revisiting classics, but he promises to hold restraint and also redefine the zombie genre. Bold. If you want to see it, he does need your help as he has turned to crowd funding. (Bloody Disgusting)

Channing Tatum shares an interesting tidbit about the upcoming Gambit movie. He teases that the film will not be a typical superhero film where the protagonist saves the day from some evil villain. Now I am curious as to how this origin story will play out. (MTV)

It might be worth investing in an IMAX ticket to see Interstellar as Christopher Nolan has incorporated over an hour worth of footage shot with IMAX cameras. (Entertainment Weekly)

The Academy is going with a safe but solid choice to host the Oscars next year. It will be the one and only Neil Patrick Harris. It should be legen… wait for it… dary! Legendary! (Variety)

Now this is interesting. In the film Gone Girl, Rosamund Pike played Amy Dunne, the wife of Nick Dunne who mysteriously disappeared. The character Amy always lived in the shadow of Amazing Amy, a series of children’s books written by her parents that is loosely based on her childhood. Looks like those books are gonna be available in real life soon and you can catch a preview of it! (Slashfilm)

With the big announcement from WB and DC Comics, the whole superhero genre in films has paved its way through to 2020! Here is a comprehensive list of what films to expect over the years. (Collider)

Jurassic World has a new teaser poster. The park is open! 😉 (Coming Soon)

April 2015 can’t come soon enough! At least at the start of the new year, there will be a Mortal Kombat X comic to tie us in for the new game. (IGN)

An interesting article on how Modern Family is still a solid comedy show but no longer deserving of all those Emmys. (The Daily Beast)

If you got some time over the weekend, here’s a whole bunch of interesting shorts you can check out on Youtube featuring notable acts like Anna Akana and Strawburry17. (The Hollywood Reporter)

So… this somehow made it to number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100…

New trailer for In the Heart of the Sea as Chris Hemsworth takes on the real Moby Dick. Looks good.



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