Welcome to the New Look Lowdown Blog

If you stopped by the blog this weekend, you might have noticed that we’ve updated our look. It’s been a while in coming. Lest my memory fail me, we last updated the look of the blog in 2012 for The Lowdown’s 5th anniversary. We’re a bit short of seven years of doing The Lowdown but we thought we were due for an update.

There are few big changes to the blog with this update. The first one you’ll notice is that we’ve gone from a mostly black layout to a mostly white one. While I like the black layouts we’ve traditionally used, the white is easier to read so I think everyone is going to like that change. The sidebars with all the social media, search, archive and other widgets (including our logo) are permanent fixtures and on both sides of the page now. We’ve also added pictures to the related posts listing at the bottom of the page.

So take a look around the new blog and tell us what you think. If you notice any issues, drop us a line in the comments to this post.


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