Wednesday Link-Off: Power and Politics

danielle-knudson-macys14-01It’s the middle of the week which means that it’s time for the links. It seems as though Wednesday comes sooner every week. I’m used to not being busy with my life at this time of year but life has a way of getting in the way. But if life didn’t get in the way, we probably wouldn’t have interesting links to pursue.

So let’s get started with those links. First, here’s Canadian model Danielle Knudson.

The GOP like to blame President Obama for all the country’s ills but a Democratic president has historically been good for the US economy. (Vox)

The New York Times editorial board have come out in favour of the US Government repealing the ban on marijuana. Old-timey attitudes and false beliefs make it hard for me to believe that it would happen in this Presidency but maybe it’ll happen eventually. (New York Times)

Neil DeGrasse Tyson proves that if you’re smart, you aren’t in politics. His political views are smarter than anything politicians say. (The Daily Banter)

The Washington Times (the Washington, D.C., newspaper that isn’t the post) is launching a content and marketing partnership with the Washington Redskins. That sounds really above-board. (Washington Times)

The NBA All-Star break might become a week-long event. Dollar dollar bills, y’all. (Sun Sentinel)

Speaking of sports and money, it’s not just teams but pitchers who can impact attendance at baseball games. (Wall Street Journal)

While most big businesses tend to back Republican talking points on everything, that’s not the same for web businesses. Even a sport of rich men, Major League Baseball, doesn’t like the proposed internet fast lane solution to net neutrality. (Quartz)

Apparently, the most powerful couple on Earth’s marriage is on shaky ground. No, it’s not Barack and Michelle Obama. It’s Jay-Z and Beyonce. (Page Six)

An oddly frequent topic of conversation in my house is the state of the Trivago Guy. It’s not just at Lowdown HQ that this discussion is happening. His looks are a topic of conversation everywhere. (The Globe and Mail)

Diamond Dallas Page is visiting YouTube star Boogie2988 (who you may know as Francis). The only problem is that wrestling is still real to DDP, damnit.

Epic Meal Time has a new TV show. Here’s a look at the first episode.


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