Entertainment Link-Off: Go Ape!

keri russell malibu 1Time to go ape$h!t as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes hit the theatres this weekend. Based on the feedback so far, it is definitely a huge step up from Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Worth checking out then! It also helps that you can spot Keri Russell in the film. 

After the jump, discussing about the motion capture performance, Fast and Furious 7 has wrapped filming, catch a movie teaser trailer that is 72 minutes long, George R.R. Martin has something to say to people that doubt his abilities, and watch Neil Young cover Fancy.

An interesting piece on motion capture performance and director Matt Reeves comes to the defence of Andy Serkis after a statement he made earlier. (Slashfilm)

More details have surfaced for the Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul. The show will take place 6 years before the title character meets Walter White. (Hit Fix)

The bloody medical drama The Knick has yet to premiere but Cinemax likes it so much that it has renewed the Steven Soderbergh directed series for a second season! (Variety)

That’s a wrap for Fast and Furious 7. Here’s a heartfelt letter from the cast and crew of the film to the fans out there. (Facebook)

It’s back to the drawing board for the Spidey crew as Robert Orci is no longer involved with the next Spider-Man flick and its spinoffs Venom and Sinister Six. (IGN)

Here’s the WTF of the week. Catch the 72 minute long ‘teaser’ trailer for the 720hr long movie Ambiance. I’m not joking. It’s really that long. I can’t sit through the teaser. Can you? (Slashfilm)

The cast is great and the visuals are amazing, but has the story lost it’s umph factor since it’s been retold so many times? Have a look at Exodus: Gods and Kings starring Christian Bale and Joel Edgarton. (Apple)

So the current version of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is drastically different than what was originally pitched. When director Matt Reeves signed on, he had a few weeks to tweak the entire film and the end result is so much better than what it was originally supposed to be. (Slashfilm)

Pacific Rim 2 is not due to hit theatres til 2017, so how about an animated series to help tie us over til the next film? Sound good? (Collider)

Just kill Glee already! Amen to that! (Gawker)

So the How I Met Your Dad pilot is officially dead but the project is still sorta alive. (TV Line)

Don’t think George R.R. Martin can complete A Song of Ice and Fire? Well he got some choice words for you. (Entertainment Weekly)

Extended look at Guardians of the Galaxy.

Faux trailer of the week. Ryan Higa tackles Lucy.

Another fine example of a cover of “Fancy” that sounds better than the original by Iggy Azalea. In this case, it’s Neil Young tackling the song.


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