Sunday Link-Off: Culture

genevieve-morton-nathanpaul14-05Another week goes by and another linkdump is in the book. Just when I think that I’m going to have some time to sit down and write, I’m just going my dinger in real-life. I’m hoping that I can get a little down time come July.

In the meantime, let’s get this show on the road. Here’s South African model Genevieve Morton.

The US Patent and Trademark Office cancelled the Washington Redskins trademark because it’s “disparaging to Native Americans.” (Think Progress)

Canada’s leading climate change expert is very concerned about the potential damage that could be caused by the Tran Mountain pipeline. (Vice)

At Bob Jones University, a private Christian university in America, rape is a sin caused by the woman who was raped. And you thought that attitude wasn’t part of Western culture. (Al Jazeera America)

All hell is breaking loose in Iraq. Dick Cheney, who lead America into war in Iraq, is blaming Barack Obama. I’m guessing that has to be the name of his mirror because he’s the one to blame. (New York Times)

And Dick isn’t the only Iraq war mongerer who is slagging off President Obama. They’re all over TV and poisoning intelligent discourse in America. (Salon)

It may not be recent mass shooting but recent PR blunders that has the NRA backing down on their fight for more guns in America. (The Guardian)

Freedom of Information Act requests used to be considered useless but some people are still finding useful information from them and uncovering government secrets. (Medium)

In the war of political analysis sites, who’s winning: Ezra Klein’s Vox or Nate Silver’s 538? Here’s a hint: I’d call the current frontrunner the wonk’s BuzzFeed. (Capital New York)

Five dollars will buy you thousands of fake Twitter followers. But what does that actually buy you? (LA Times)

The New York Times, they are a changin’. At least the voice behind the crossword is. (Fast Co)

Who doesn’t love Cards Against Humanity? It’s one of the must-have get together games if you ask me. So here’s 48 hours with the team behind CAH. (Kickstarter)

If I was to guess the hottest brand in the world, I could do worse than to guess Doritos. 7Eleven is trying to up their food sales with a Doritos branded product. (Texas Monthly)

The Dota 2 world championship, The International 4, is coming up in a few weeks. Here’s the highlight of last year’s International as called by the Korean casting team.

Just for fun, watch YouTuber Francis (formally known as Boogie2988) in a rage remix.


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