Entertainment Link-Off: A Twist In My Story

Charlize-TheronIt’s Seth Macfarlane vs. Angelina Jolie at the box office this weekend. While both films are currently panned by critics, at least Jolie has the advantage in the fact that everyone seems to love her performance as Malificent. Anyway, Macfarlane’s flick, A Million Ways to Die in the West is loaded with star power and he got Charlize Theron to be his leading lady. So let’s start off the ELO with her.

After the jump, watch Harry Potter get friendzoned, the Jurassic World rumours are true, Seth Rogen channels his inner Pixar, apparently it is legal to wander around NYC topless, and Hollywood is teaching guys how to get the girl the wrong way.

You might think this would be just another rom-com but the trailer is quite funny and the cast is quite solid too. Watch Daniel Radcliffe get friendzoned with Zoe Kazan in What If. (Yahoo)

So the rumours are true. Director Colin Trevorrow talks about Jurassic World and the leaked plot details. It’s refreshing to see him talk about the movie so openly. Given his passion for the film, I am looking forward to the final product. (Slashfilm)

I suppose with the bad news of Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man, you gotta hope that Marvel can get their act together if they want to stick with the July 2015 release of the film. It appears Adam Mackay is in talks to direct the film. Solid choice if this happens. (AICN)

Check out an interesting video essay comparing Edgar Wright’s style of comedy versus everything else. (Vimeo)

Marvel is tapping another big name to play the big baddie Thanos. (Latino Review)

Some interesting concept art for the Sentinels in X-Men: Days of Future Past. (Slashfilm)

Charlie Cox will be the next Daredevil and yes the TV series will be taking place in modern times. (Marvel)

Kevin Smith reveals that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is a mouthful when it comes to the title but it is part of the lead-up to a series of Justice League films. (Comic Book)

Seth Rogen reveals that his upcoming film Sausage Party is a filthy raunchy animated film that mirrors something made by Pixar. In fact, it is so filthy, that it shocked Sacha Baron Cohen. (Slashfilm)

While you can always take reader polls with a grain of salt, Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back is now the greatest movie of all time according to Empire readers. (Empire)

There is a slight glimmer of hope. Hulu is looking to explore a possibility of bringing back Community for a sixth season. (Vulture)

Bill Lawrence writes up an interesting piece documenting on the Undateable comedy tour and how to (or how not to) launch a pilot in 2014. (Grantland)

Choose a side in the great Seth Macfarlane debate. (GQ)

To protest against Instagram’s policies, Scout Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore) decided to go topless for Twitter. Well it certainly caught the attention of many people. (Entertainment Weekly)

An interesting look at Hollywood’s all too aggressive approach to getting the girl. (Mashable)

A look at other musicians that can’t throw a ball to save their life, just like 50 cent. (Entertainment Weekly)

After a disappointing season at FOX, Kevin Reilly got the boot from

Here’s the trailer for Earth to Echo. It is essentially what would happen if Steven Spielberg decided to do found footage for E.T.

First look at the horror series from Guillermo del Toro, The Strain.

The latest short from Wong Fu Productions is an interesting look at letting go of the past and moving on towards the future.


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