Wednesday Link-Off: Shady Dealings

yara-khmidan-beachbunny14-01So, I was so out of it while drafting today’s Wednesday links that the original draft title Sunday Link-Off. Though maybe that wasn’t so much a case of being out of it as it was a case of wishful thinking.

Regardless of whether it’s Wednesday or Sunday, it still means that it’s time for me to bring you my semi-weekly set of links. Let’s kick things off with Yara Khmidan.

In news that I probably shouldn’t be surprised by the report that Silvio Berlusconi has ties to the Sicilian Mafia. (The Independent)

The next victim of the ongoing sanction war between Russia and the West? Space-based cooperation seems to be coming to an end after 2020. (Vice)

Just to remind voters that they hate voting, the Conservatives have passed the so-called Fair Elections Act. (Toronto Star)

Chris Christie and Cory Booker came up with a plan to use private donations to improve schools in New Jersey. Unfortunately for them and the children of New Jersey, that plan didn’t work. (The New Yorker)

Have you wondered about your body clock and how it affects your daily routine and productivity? The BBC can help you out with all of that. (BBC News)

During the season, the life of a baseball wife is a lonely and tiring one. (The Washington Post)

Donald Sterling went on CNN to try to rehab his image. Naturally, he made things worse. (Fox Sports)

It used to be a myth that refs swallowed their whistles in the playoffs but a look at the numbers shows that NHL refs stop calling penalties in Game 7. (FiveThirtyEight)

Considering the attitude towards gays in some parts of America, it was a risky move for the St. Louis Rams to draft Michael Sam. Here’s a look inside their draft room. (

I know I said that I’d stop with the oral histories but this one is about The West Wing so it’s necessary to link it. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, the man who originally performed the Daytona USA theme song, does a little karaoke of his most famous song.

Keeping things musical, Game of Thrones fans probably know this song off by heart by now but you’ll probably be hearing it a lot over the next four episodes.


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