Wednesday Link-Off: They Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab

camille-rowe-victoriassecret14-71Hi folks. I’m back after a couple of days off to hit you with the links. I should probably have Jackie do more link-offs since you guys actually like what he’s selling but you’re stuck with me today instead.

In today’s linkdump, we have more on Rob Ford, a look at the situation in Russia and Ukraine and Rand Paul’s push for the presidency. First, we start it all off with Camille Rowe.

Rob Ford might be off to rehab but it doesn’t look like it’s in Chicago. Reportedly, he didn’t attempt to enter the US. (The Globe and Mail) Also, shame, Globe & Mail. A headline that reads “Rob Ford Turned Back From United States” reads like he was denied entry. You should know better than to try tabloid/clickbait headlines.

The latest reports put Ford at a rehab facility in Guelph. (Canoe)

And the media’s treatment of Rob Ford might be driving voters who the media also look down on to Ford. It’s not a case of who is best for Toronto but a case of people sticking together to spite the media. (Medium)

Stephen Harper is inviting trouble from Russia. He’s accusing Russia of a “slow-motion” invasion of Ukraine. (Canadian Press/Huffington Post)

Russia is banning profane language in the arts. It looks like the Russia left Communism behind but Putin didn’t. (ITAR-TASS)

Kentucky senator Rand Paul says that 40 times more Kentuckians had their health insurance cancelled because of the Affordable Care Act than signed up for new coverage. In fact, Obamacare allowed for more people to get coverage than those who temporarily lost it. (PolitiFact)

Speaking of Rand Paul, he spent Kentucky Derby day trying to court Fox News and Wall Street Journal owner Rupert Murdoch. There’s no better way to win the Presidency than controlling the media, something the GOP already seems to do without befriending Murdoch. (The New York Times)

BuzzFeed pulled a BuzzFeed and did a parody look at how the Monica Lewinsky scandal would be reported today. (BuzzFeed) The folks at 538 took them up on the suggestion and did a post about how they would report it. (FiveThirtyEight)

I don’t know if you can trust him but I don’t think anyone doubts Tim Donaghy when he says that the NBA wanted its refs to favour Brooklyn over the Raptors. (International Business Times)

I would hazard that a large number of internet-using men have heard of Asa Akira. The popular porn star tells her tale of going from a normal childhood to being a (porn) star. (New York Post)

Is your resume not getting enough attention? Try these tips to help you get that new job. (Primer)

Dogecoin made its NASCAR debut in Talladega. Very speed. Such draft. Much Dega. Wow.


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