Sunday Link-Off: Major Crackdown!

rose byrne 2It’s Jackie here filling in for Steve this Sunday. Well he left some links behind and I was just left with the simple task of throwing in some eye candy, an intro and a few videos for your viewing pleasure. So in Australia, there was a special advance screening weekend of Neighbours starring Seth Rogen and Zac Efron. I gotta say, that film is hilarious! You also get to see Rose Byrne and her comedic chops at work once again! So let’s kick it all off with her.

After the jump, Rob Ford is at it again, take a look at what a typical WWE script would look like, Taco Bell isn’t serving you 100% beef, Boston fails to stay classy after the game one loss and listen to Andrew Garfield sing a familiar tune.

Some things are just so common place that they shouldn’t surprise you. The sun rising in the morning. The Leafs not winning the Stanley Cup. And Rob Ford having another crack tape. (Gawker)

In addition to the new crack tape, there’s also an audio tape of Rob Ford at a bar hours before the new crack tape was filmed. (National Post)

The funny thing is that Wednesday also saw a report surface of Rob Ford having a confrontation in a club with Justin Bieber. Any other day, that would have been a massive headline. Any other day, though. (Toronto Star)

By the way, there’s an election coming soon in Ontario after Kathleen Wynne dissolved provincial parliament rather than lose a budget vote. (CBC)

We could have known all about disgraced NBA owner Donald Sterling 14 years ago. However, an SI cover story about him was heavily edited and removed many controversial items about him. (Sports Illustrated)

Bill Simmons shares his personal experience of Donald Sterling’s culture of fear and cult of personality. (Grantland)

Have you ever wondered about a WWE script looks like? Someone leaked a recent Monday Night Raw script. (The Week)

I often talk about the differences between Canada and America on the blog but here’s one that you probably didn’t think of. Canadians aren’t willing to move for better jobs. That’s something Americans don’t worry about. (Metro News)

Ever wonder which movie critics are too easy with their ratings, overly harsh or are actually good at their job? There’s been some serious meta-analysis to find those answers. (Vocativ)

The great mystery has been solved. Taco Bell has revealed what is the 12% of their taco meat that isn’t beef. (Yahoo/GMA)

Stay classy Boston. Just because you lost game one, there is no need for you to make racist comments on P.K. Subban. His younger brother is going to be your goaltending future remember? (CBC)

It is fun when movie stars start doing promotional rounds for their films. Case and point. Watch Hugh Jackman take on ‘Magneto’ in WWE Raw.

Normally I save this for the ELO, but since I have to spread it out a bit this weekend, I left the clip here instead. It’s the release of Spider-Man 2 this weekend, so it’s appropriate for Andrew Garfield to promote the film and it’s even more appropriate when he breaks into a song and that song happens to be the Spider-Man theme.

Improv Everywhere like to cause a scene wherever they go. Sometimes they do a brilliant job tackling famous movie moments. Anyway during the latest stunt, something has gone a bit awry…


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