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felicity jones spiderman 2 premiereFor those of you in North America, you finally get a chance to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2!!! Sure, all the attention is on leading lady Emma Stone, but don’t forget British actress Felicity Jones has a small part as Felicia Hardy. Expect her to have a slightly bigger role in the next film. 

After the jump, some more Spidey news, Godzilla is apparently too fat, Almost Human got canned by FOX, a look into the new cast of Star Wars, meet Peter Parkour, and watch how The Lego Movie should have ended.

If you’re wondering what the deleted scene from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 featuring Mary Jane Watson would have been like, well wonder no more! Marc Webb spills the beans on the short sequence that Shailene Woodley took part in before it got left in the cutting room floor. (Movies.com)

While Andrew Garfield thinks it would be appropriate to pass the Spider-Man torch to a new character after he’s done with it, the producers think otherwise. It would be interesting to see someone like Miles Morales don the suit rather than it being Peter Parker all the time. The producers on the other hand thinks Spidey should always be Peter Parker and no one else. Guess I won’t be seeing Donald Glover as Spider-Man anytime soon. (Slashfilm)

The latest Spider-Man flick might be teasing about the Sinister Six, but according to director Drew Goddard, the characters that will be appearing in the film is not set yet. (The Wrap)

There is an Easter egg for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and it’s not that X-Men scene! If you Shazam the end credits song, you get a tease of the Sinister Six lineup… even though the roster is not finalized. (Coming Soon)

If the current cast of Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney and Ah-nold isn’t good enough already, it looks like the time lord himself Matt Smith will be joining Terminator Genesis. (Deadline)

While most people think the latest Godzilla flick looks pretty impressive, Japanese fans however think otherwise. Apparently the latest incarnation of Godzilla is a bit too fat. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Since Olympus Has Fallen was a moderate success at the box office, the Gerard Butler led flick is getting a sequel called London Has Fallen. It’s too bad, I found White House Down to be the funnier and more entertaining of the two White House invasion flicks. (The Wrap)

I quite enjoyed watching Project Greenlight back in the day. Though the three films it spawned were not critical or commercial hits, it was rather interesting to see a weekly look at how the film came to be. Anyway, a decade after being pulled from the air, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are bringing the show back to our TV screens. No premiere date is set though. (Variety)

Speaking of Ben Affleck, he has been banned from the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas for ‘counting cards’. I suppose he was winning a little too much since he figured how to beat the system and we know casinos don’t like to lose. (Zap2it)

The Star Wars Episode VII cast was announced this week, but if you’re not too familiar with who they are and their previous work, here’s a nice breakdown for you. (Slashfilm)

Sad news. FOX’s Almost Human got cancelled. (The Hollywood Reporter)

I don’t know about you, but James Franco’s recent Instagram activity is getting a little creepy. (Entertainment Weekly)

In this not too spoilery clip, it explains how Charles Xavier can walk again in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Sure things are all serious in the X-Men movie, but outside of the film, the actors sure know how to have a good time. Watch Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman dance along to Blurred Lines.

While Karl Urban has been hyping up the possibility of a Dredd sequel (or perhaps his words were taken out of proportion), producer Adi Shankar gives a more realistic update on the status of the film and whether we are likely to see it anytime soon.

Here’s a look at Peter Parkour! Ok, bad joke aside, catch stuntman Ronnie Shalvis dressed as the superhero while performing parkour stunts in a Spidey costume.

Seth MacFarlane’s followup to Ted is A Million Ways to Die in the West. Again, this is not child friendly at all.

The latest international trailer for Godzilla shows more of the monster himself; however if you’re saving yourself for the surprise, just wait til the film gets released in the coming weeks.

The latest How It Should Have Ended treatment, it tackles The Lego Movie. The animation was done quite well that it looks like it could have been a deleted scene from the actual film itself.



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