25 New Reasons To Celebrate Earth Day

Tuesday is the environmental awareness day called Earth Day. It’s purpose it to increase awareness of the effects of pollution on the Earth. However, it also provides us an excuse to post a gallery of beautiful women from around the world that would also give you an incentive to save the world. It also gets us clicks which helps us keep the site viable as long as you’re not using AdBlock.

Australia: Ellie Gonsalves
ellie-gonsalves-02 ellie-gonsalves-01

Brazil: Gisele Bundchen
gisele-bundchen-giseleintimates13-08 gisele-bundchen-giseleintimates13-05

Canada: Nina Dobrev

China: Zhang Yuqi
zhang-yuqi-cannes13-02 zhang-yuqi-cannes13-01

Colombia: Melissa Giraldo
melissa-giraldo-ropaintimacarol14-03 melissa-giraldo-nyejeans14-02

Croatia: Ana Tanic
ana-tanic-selmark13-08 ana-tanic-selmark13-04

England: Helen Flanagan
helen-flanagan-nuts14-01 helen-flanagan-nuts13-01

France: Deborah Mace

Germany: Alena Blohm
alena-blohm-victoriassecret14-02 alena-blohm-victoriassecret14-08

Greece: Iliana Papageorgiou
iliana-papageorgiou-panosemporio13-07 iliana-papageorgiou-panosemporio13-01

Hungary: Barbara Palvin
barbara-palvin-victoriassecret13-16 barbara-palvin-twinset14-04

India: Sherlyn Chopra
sherlyn-chopra-07 sherlyn-chopra-08

Ireland: Aoife Walsh
aoife-walsh-02 aoife-walsh-01

Israel: Bar Paly
bar-paly-max13-02 bar-paly-beachbunny13-09

Italy: Cristina Chiabotto
cristina-chiabotto-amarea14-02 cristina-chiabotto-amarea14-01

Japan: Reon Kadena
reon-kadena-02 reon-kadena-01

Mexico: Ximena Navarrete
ximena-navarrete-02 ximena-navarrete-01

Netherlands: Marloes Horst

Poland: Natalia Siwiec
natalia-siwiec-ewabien14-03 natalia-siwiec-ewabien14-01

Russia: Anne V

South Africa: Natasha Barnard

South Korea: Han Ye-seul
han-ye-seul-marieclaire14-01 han-ye-seul-02

Spain: Alejandra Alonso
alejandra-alonso-womenssecret13-03 alejandra-alonso-womenssecret13-02

Sweden: Sandrah Hellberg
sandrah-hellberg-guess13-03 sandrah-hellberg-guess13-01

United States: Lily Aldridge

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