Wednesday Link-Off: The More Things Change

michea-crawford-marksspencer14-01I know that technically this is a short week but I feel like it’s gone long already. Well, the return of winter to Canada isn’t helping matters. I know we’re all about winter up here but even we can have enough after six months.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so it’s time for the links. Let’s start with Canadian model Michea Crawford.

The Yanks feel that Russia hasn’t learned their lesson about interfering in the Ukraine. Another round of sanctions is quickly making its way down the pipe. (The Daily Beast)

Meanwhile, things in eastern Ukraine have gotten so bad that it looks like war might break out as both Russian and Ukraine military armed forces are on the move. (Bloomberg)

I forgot that Rob and Doug Ford’s Ford Nation show made the switch to YouTube. Well, now that it’s there, Jimmy Kimmel made his much-anticipated guest appearance. (Toronto Star)

The Ann Arbor News was one of the first daily newspapers in a one-paper town to stop print daily after the financial crisis and growth of web-based news. To fill the void, the University of Michigan’s daily student newspaper stepped into the void. That beats Western’s daily student newspaper which was a rag so bad when I went there that I wouldn’t wipe my ass with it. (The New York Times)

Some French workers don’t have to worry about work following them home any more. They’re now permitted, by law, to stop caring about emails from work after 6:00 PM. (The Guardian)

Jenny McCarthy wants you to know that she’s not anti-vaccine. If she wanted us to believe that, she shouldn’t have spent years as the face of the anti-vaccine movement. (Slate)

Yasiel Puig might be the target of baseball media scorn but that doesn’t mean that every piece about him is a hatchet job. For example, this piece about Puig’s journey to America from Cuba to play baseball is epic. (LA Magazine)

For baseball fans, broadcaster Dirk Hayhurst has a guide to doctoring baseballs. There’s more science to it than I was expecting. (Deadspin)

Sometimes the proof in a concussion lawsuit is self-evident. There’s a new NHL lawsuit that makes you wonder if it was actually a result of concussions. (Above the Law)

AC/DC are calling it quits after 40 years after Malcolm Young’s stroke left him unable to play guitar the way he used to. (The Orstrahyun)

Eleven Madison Park is one of the best restaurants in the world. With next level service like this, it’s no surprise why. (Grub Street)

The WWE actually did a very nice tribute video to the Ultimate Warrior on Raw this week. It’s kind of amazing considering that he was on the outs with the WWE for almost two decades and everyone who made and was in that video was burying him in a WWE DVD last decade.


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