Sunday Link-Off: 30

renee-young-wwe14-06It’s the end of the week… Unless you’re in North America. Because our calendars are different, it’s the start of a new week. It’s also the start of a new decade of professional wrestling with WrestleMania 30 tonight. Somehow, the WWE made a WrestleMania XXX logo without making it look like a porno.

Anyway, it’s time for the Sunday edition of the links. Let’s start with Canada’s contribution to Renee Young (AKA Renee Paquette).

The USA hasn’t let go of old grudges against Cuba. They built a Cuban version of Twitter to undermine the Cuban government. (Associated Press)

Mark Cuban, of Dallas Mavericks and Shark Den fame, thinks the US patent system is broken and is in desperate need of fixing. (Politico)

Did you know that professional poker players don’t just make money from tournament pots and endorsements? They also stake other players for a cut of earnings. (Wall Street Journal)

Now it’s time for some WrestleMania links.

First up, good old J.R., Jim Ross, tells tales of the most recent decade of WrestleManias in his epic WrestleMania retrospective series. (Fox Sports)

There are other, better sort of WrestleMania retrospective that looks at the best match over the last 29 years. That would be this one. (SB Nation)

The best talker in the business, Paul Heyman, talks about his beginnings in the business, his work today and why he doesn’t use the old school term “manager.” (This Is Infamous)

Here’s a blast from the past. For his wrestling’s greatest shoots series, David Shoemaker talks about Hulk Hogan choking out Richard Belzer on live TV. (The Masked Man)

David Ortiz took a selfie with President Obama. The only problem is that Ortiz orchestrated it as a promotion for Samsung. (Washington Post)

Sometimes, you have to look up random looking things to do your job. Sometimes, you get caught doing that and become a running gag like a Daily Telegraph journo who was looking at dog pictures during a Champions League game.j (Daily Telegraph)

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan did the tourist thing around New York and proved that they’re just the best. (Gawker)

Captain America hates being famous and hate making crappy movies. Well, that’s how you get paid, son. (Vulture)

Speaking of wrestling, the OSW Review guys are back with their look at classic ECW pay-per-view Heatwave ’98.

The New York Cosmos football club was pranked by the legendary competitive eater Kobayashi.

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