Entertainment Link-Off: Soldier On

scarlett johansson dzThe summer blockbusters are hitting theatres early once again as Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits the cinemas before anyone else. It’s currently certified fresh, so that’s another Marvel film sitting well with the critics and fans. Anyway, you can catch Scarlett Johansson reprising her role as Black Widow in the film. Better yet, you can see more of Scarlett in the film Under the Skin, which also opens this weekend.

After the jump, Key & Peele tackle Police Academy, Expendables 3 roll call, figure out how much time you have wasted on TV, some news on How I Met Your Mother, honest trailers tackles Game of Thrones, Sam Jackson is a Boy Meets World fan, check out a real life Spider-Man and David Letterman announces his retirement from Late Night.

Scarlett Johansson is on a roll! In an upcoming flick, she gets pumped with drugs and becomes a superpowered assassin! (The Film Stage)

If you caught those hilarious shorts from Key & Peele, then you would be pleased to learned that they have signed on to produce the Police Academy remake. If the film lives up to what they have managed so far, it will be hilarious! (The Hollywood Reporter)

Nine new X-Men: Days of Future Past posters to wet your appetites before the movie comes out! (Comic Book Movie)

The trailer keeps saying this is the last one but given that the Expendables film franchise hardly seems to be running out of gas, I can see a few more installments along the way… assuming the actors don’t get too old for this. Trailer for The Expendables 3! (Yahoo)

Karl Urban still believes that Dredd 2 is still going to happen! Now if only he is pushing hard for Almost Human as well. (Comic Book Movie)

Ever wonder how much time you have wasted watching TV? Well check out this online meme and you shall find out. Turns out I spent over 441 days watching television… and that’s only based on what I remember watching… I think I need to get out more. (tiii.me)

Frozen is officially the highest grossing animated film of all time!!! That’s assuming we don’t take inflation into consideration and adjust previous animated films’ box office intakes. (Slashfilm)

Chris Evans has nothing but kind words to say about passing the torch to the next Human Torch, Michael B. Jordan. Good on ya! (NY Daily News)

James Franco has been busted for flirting with a 17 year old teen recently. While everyone is prepared to slam the actor, why does it feel like some sort of publicity stunt? (Mashable)

In fact, it might be related to this movie Palo Alto. Oh did I mention that the trailer also premiered just this week? (Yahoo)

Good news disgruntled How I Met Your Mother fans! If you did not dig the ending of the show, perhaps the alternate ending in the DVD set will make you happier. (TV Line)

Perhaps we just need to restructure our thoughts so that we can hate the finale less. Still, a large portion of fans feel betrayed by the HIMYM ending. (E! Online)

HIMYM star Josh Radnor opens up about the divisive finale. (Vulture)

Looks like Bradley Cooper was also ‘not happy’ with the HIMYM finale. (Entertainment Weekly)

While chatting with Total Film recently, Shailene Woodley talks about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and also how she is hesitant to appear in the next Spidey flick given that she has a franchise of her own thanks to Divergent.

Hugh Jackman sings “Wolverine: The Musical”

What if Superman was behind all the stuff that happened in the movie Gravity? Well it would explain a lot…

Gotta love these honest trailers. The latest edition tackles Game of Thrones. Spoilers beware.

Improv Anywhere is known to surprise people with their random stunts and this is no different. Here’s a look at Spider-Man in real life as the superhero saves a woman from being kidnapped in front of many surprised New Yorkers.

Samuel L. Jackson proves that he is the ultimate Boy Meets World fan as he performs a Slam Poem on Boy Meets World.

Sad yet exciting news. David Letterman announced his retirement from the Late Show earlier this week. While it is sad to see him leave, it is interesting to see who will be the new host and what changes will be brought into the late night landscape.

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