Sunday Link-Off: Time is Short

rachel-mortenson-fredericks14-01It’s a slightly shortened version of the links today. For some reason, I just couldn’t find much in the way of interesting stories to link. That’s just the risk you run with regular linkdumps. Some days are better than others.

Anyway, let’s get the links going. Here’s returning favourite Rachel Mortenson.

A Toronto judge says there’s a video of Rob Ford inhaling from a glass pipe. Reporters at City Hall asked Mayor Ford what was in the pipe. Jesus Christ! What do you think he was inhaling? (The Globe and Mail)

Russia is answering American sanctions against prominent Russians with sanctions against America’s political elite. (New York Times)

It wasn’t just international relations hurt by Ed Snowden’s NSA revelations. A number of US tech companies were hurt financially by news that the NSA was accessing their data. (Times of India)

The GOP won’t like this. Fox News lied about Obamacare eliminating poor people’s coverage and then admitted to lying. That’s why they’re called Faux News. (Media Matters)

The Iranians are currently building a fake US aircraft carrier that isn’t expected to actually work. That’s a good way to waste money you don’t have. (NY Magazine)

A US Department of Justice investigation showed that a number of tech giants, including Apple, Google and Intel, were involved in industry-wide wage fixing. See? Everyone is the evil empire. (Pando)

Turkey’s Twitter ban didn’t work as well as hoped. Even graffiti artists were helping people finding ways around it. (USA Today)

A teenage hockey player who will one day need a transplant because of a heart condition joined the San Jose Sharks on a one-day contract, practiced with the team and skated through the shark head for warmups. (The Big Lead)

The IndyCar split that killed open-wheel racing didn’t just drive fans away. It drove Toyota to join the NASCAR ranks. (Fox Sports)

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