Entertainment Link-Off: Make A Choice

Divergent - Los Angeles PremiereThe highly anticipated YA novel adaptation Divergent hits theatres this week. So let’s kick off the ELO with the leading lady from the film Shailene Woodley.

After the jump, Pacific Rim 2 is still happening, new Godzilla stuff to check out, The CW is the new sci-fi central and watch Bradley Cooper prove Louis CK wrong.

We might not really know when Game of Thrones will call it a day on TV but at least the showrunners are signed on for another two seasons! (Entertainment Weekly)

Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull talks Godzilla and also reveals that he hasn’t forgotten about Pacific Rim 2. (Collider)

Speaking of Godzilla, the new theatrical poster shows off his spikes. (First Showing)

If you missed the 10 year reunion for Lost at Paleyfest, you can catch a nice little recap of the event. (Entertainment Weekly)

There’s another Step Up movie on the way and the latest trailer highlights a nice little meta moment about how it will all come down to a big dance off in the movie’s climax. (Facebook)

FOX has set release dates for The Wolverine sequel along with Fantastic Four. There’s also a mystery Marvel movie on the way. What could it be? (Variety)

Well this is kinda funny. It appears that The CW is out-scifi-ing SyFy! (Observation Deck)

The ‘Suicide Squad’ episode of Arrow sure didn’t disappoint. Now the exec producer talks about the show’s special episode and what we should expect in the future. (The TV Addict)

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin will now be taking part in The Voice USA. That should provide some ratings boost. (Deadline)

So far so good Jimmy Fallon. The new Tonight Show is actually not doing too shabby with the new host in town. (Seattle Times)

Given it’s fairly small release, the Veronica Mars movie still raked in $2 million in its opening weekend. So let the sequel talks begin? (Entertainment Weekly)

If you’re looking for a nice laugh, here’s a viral video worth checking out. Watch Bradley Cooper school Louis CK as he proves the comedian wrong regarding a certain comment about Inside the Actor Studio. (The Wrap)

The international trailer just gets me more and more excited about the upcoming Godzilla flick.

Now that giant monsters are all the rage, Machinima has released an online series titled Enormous. Cheesy graphics aside, it is rather entertaining.

Major step up from the previous clips! The final trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 throws in some extra action including a tease of the fight against Rhino.

Everything nowadays is being compared to the Hunger Games, so have a look at the next YA novel adaptation in The Maze Runner.

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