Entertainment Link-Off: Hot Lava!

emily browningIt appears none of the newcomers can seem to dethrone the Lego Movie from the top spot at the box office this weekend. There’s Kevin Costner channeling his inner Liam Neeson in 3 Days to Kill and then there’s Paul W.S. Anderson’s latest directorial effort Pompeii. While he attempts the James Cameron formula for the disaster epic, the film falls flat on most notes with a few exceptions. At least he got Emily Browning as the leading lady, so that’s a bright spot.

After the jump, prepare yourself for more Space Jam, heck prepare yourself for more Heroes, catch a first look at Guardians of the Galaxy and the cast of HIMYM read out the top 10 surprises for their finale.

Here I thought Space Jam was a self-contained film, but now they’re thinking of doing a sequel featuring LeBron James. (Deadline)

Well if President Obama and his eclectic taste in TV shows were any indication, it is no surprise that Americans have quite the addiction to the small screen compared to other nations in the world. (The Wire)

A neat little report on a private screening that Topher Grace arranged for Close Encounters of a Third Kind. (Slashfilm)

Now that the Lego Movie is a hit, it’s no surprise that a sequel has now snagged a tentative release date of May 2017. (Variety)

So Steven Soderbergh’s retirement home is actually located in cable television. His latest effort is The Knick, starring Clive Owen as a doc back in the scary days of the 1900s, where doctors lacked the technology we had today and were perhaps more like butchers than healing hands. (Entertainment Weekly)

Anchorman 2 is getting a re-release with 763 new jokes! (Slashfilm)

Not saying that Transformers 4 will be rated R, but actor Titus Welliver warns that the film isn’t really made for kids. (Nerdist)

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch bring Smaug to life via motion capture. (Zap2it)

Back when NBC’s Heroes got canned, the show was already running on fumes and viewership had declined significantly. Perhaps after a few years off, the show’s creative juices have somehow returned. Look out for Heroes: Reborn in 2015! (TV Line)

Catch a sneak peek of the Suicide Squad that will be appearing on CW’s Arrow this season. (CBR)

The cast of the new Fantastic Four roundup. Looks like Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller are inseparable nowadays. (Collider)

Godzilla has always been big, but after seeing the new poster, I think it has definitely grown in size compared to previous films. (Yahoo)

Check out the poster for Guardians of the Galaxy with a very neat tagline. (Collider)

If you were watching Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week, you would have caught the first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy.

And after seeing that, here’s the Parks and Rec recut of the trailer.

I am really looking forward to seeing 22 Jump Street. Check out the new trailer for a hilarious alternate ending to the clip.

The cast of How I Met Your Mother head over to David Letterman to read out the Top 10 Surprises in the HIMYM finale.

Ryan Higa and friends are back with honest commercials and this time they tackle tertiary education.


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