Wednesday Link-Off: Goodbye 2013!

nina-agdal-beachbunny13-12Happy New Year! To officially close of 2013 and get us started into 2014, we’ve got a bunch of year-end lists and recaps for you in today’s links. And, as we are wont to do, we start off this post with our scientifically determined link-off woman of the year. This year, the honour goes to Danish model Nina Agdal.

While 2013 might not have been a perfect year for everyone, the team at Think Progress believes that this is the best year in human history. (Think Progress)

We’ve featured a lot of stories on our link-off posts but we haven’t covered them all. So here’s a list of 50 of the best long read stories on the internet last year. (Longreads)

Are you looking for something on paper to read? Then check out the best books of 2013. (TimeOut)

Looking for some funny political headlines? Here are Fark’s favourite political headlines of the last 12 months. (Fark)

On to sports where we have the ten best Twitter moments in the world of hockey. (Puck Daddy)

If you’re looking for some funny moments that didn’t happen on Twitter, maybe you’d prefer these funny sports quotes from 2013. (National Post)

Who did Will Leitch think were the worst of the sports media in 2013? Mostly the usual suspects. (Sports on Earth)

Speaking of Leitch, here are he and Tim Grierson’s worst films of 2013. (Deadspin)

If you want a second opinion, here are Burnsy’s worst of 2013. (Film Drunk) And the movies he forgot to put in the original list. (Film Drunk)

We’ve heard that Dwayne Johnson is the highest banking actor of 2013 but which actor provides the best return on investment? Hint: It isn’t Dwayne. (Forbes)

Just for fun, here are the top beers of 2013. You probably could have used this list last night. (Draft Magazine)

And let’s wrap up this year-in-review set of links with a retrospective by the one and only Charlie Brooker. (The Guardian)

And out closing video is the top 50 sports plays of last year.


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