Sunday Link-Off: The Calm Before The Storm

emily-ratajkowski-fredericks13-01We’re just a couple of days away from New Year’s Day and we’re going to do the year in review links then. Until Wednesday, we have a normal set of links. Let’s start with Emily Ratajkowski.

You may not have heard but the world’s newest country is on the brink of civil war. So what’s happening in South Sudan. (Al Jazeera)

Noam Chomsky thinks that America has become a plutocracy. Considering that political interests are driven by donors and lobbyists, he’s probably not wrong. (Raw Story)

Have all the hoaxes on the internet that have been reported as real news broken the internet? (Esquire)

The Dallas Cowboys have reached into the high school ranks for their next quarterback. Not someone who plays in high school but high school teacher and former pro QB Jon Kitna. (Sports on Earth)

Which TV channels are poised to grow the most in 2014? Well, the ones that are pretty small right now. Hopefully not the Esquire Network, though. Long live G4! (Ad Age)

Speaking of TV networks with a prosperous future, ESPN’s is looking good. It’s not just the ratings and the cable fees and the advertising revenues but the tax breaks too. (New York Times)

The Brits have found that a successful sports team leads to more kids. So it’s the Leafs fault Canada doesn’t have a high enough birth rate to sustain the population. (British Medical Journal)

Thirty-five years later, here’s an interview with the director of the Star Wars Holiday Special. (Esquire)

Be afraid. Sherlock Holmes is now public domain in America. What happens when crappy budget movies get their hands on him? (The Wire)

Just for fun, here’s ten Canadianisms that you may know but no one else in the world does. (National Post)

What’s life like as a Pornhub intern? Vice’s weekend editor spent a weekend in a New York hotel room to find out. (Vice)

Some deleted scenes are so good that they should have been in the movie. Here are ten of those deleted scenes. (Screen Robot)

George Takei has a new fragrance called Eau My! Here’s a bit of the origin of Eau My! Oh my! (Imgur)

Piers Morgan did a little cricketing at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds with Aussie legend Brett Lee. Well, I call it cricketing but Lee just hurled the ball at Morgan repeatedly and everyone had a good laugh at Piers’ expense.

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