Weekend Geek Links of the Week

Let’s do something a bit different today. While I didn’t have a chance to do the Entertainment Link-Off in time for today, I do have a few geek-themed links for you to peruse this weekend.

The UK’s new internet porn filter isn’t just stopping people from accessing porn. It’s blocking access to websites about sexual education, sexual health and porn addiction. This is why you shouldn’t be censoring the internet. You only screw it up. (BBC News)

The list of my favourite games of 2013 is coming up soon. To warm you up for that big reveal, here’s The New Yorker’s list of the best games of 2013. (The New Yorker)

Daniel of NerdCubed fame did an informal AMA about the current state of YouTube and what he’s planning to do given the terrible state of YouTube’s Content ID system. (/r/Games)

Mark Zuckerberg is selling $2.3 billion of his Facebook stock but nobody panic. (Mashable)

A full-sized air-powered Lego car? A full-sized air-powered Lego car. (Uproxx)

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