Sunday Link-Off: ‘Twas the Weekend Before Christmas

jocelyn-chew-adoreme13-06We’ve almost reached Christmas. It’s the final weekend before Christmas and I’m having to scramble in a last-minute Christmas present because of a shipping snafu. The perils of online shopping. Apparently the thing I bought sold out weeks before I bought it but the site didn’t bother to tell me even though it said sold out when I went back last week to find a contact email. Bunch of amateurs. That’s why people try only to deal with the major retailers. At least they have their shit in order.

Anyway, it’s time to do the links. Let’s start with Canadian model Jocelyn Chew in her Christmas finest.

The Supreme Court of Canada struck down the country’s prostitution laws as unconstitutional. People would have you believe this will lead to the downfall of society but ending the prohibition of alcohol didn’t lead to the streets being filled with drunks and alcohol 24/7. (Global News)

Maybe Obamacare isn’t a bad thing. The vast majority of hospital administrators think Obamacare will make health care better. (Washington Post)

I don’t know if you heard but that guy from Duck Dynasty was suspended for likening homosexuality to bestiality, among other things. Of course, this isn’t a perversion of the First Amendment. It’s not like he was imprisoned for what he said. It’s just business working as the free market that is championed by the political right works. (The New Republic)

The Duck Dynasty fellow isn’t the only celebrity to have a homophobic outburst. He’s just the latest one. (BuzzFeed)

The Toronto Maple Leafs turned their website’s front page into an aggregator for people using the hashtag #SeaOfBlue. It ended about as well as you’d expect. (Pension Plan Puppets)

The Columbus Blue Jackets very nearly ended up with both Mike Richards and Jeff Carter rather than just Carter. You wonder how this would have changed the franchise if both landed there. (The Columbus Dispatch)

The WWE’s current TV contracts come up at the same time in 2014. They currently make $140 million per year in the US and are poised to cash in big. (Variety)

Michael Landsberg is sort of a joke in the Canadian sports landscape. If he didn’t land his guests, he’d be a total afterthought. He also seems to have fabricated or just contributed to the spread of a fabricated story that Chael Sonnen had surgery 24 hours before his most recent UFC fight. (Deadspin)

The Wall Street Journal breaks down all the touchdown celebrations in the NFL this season. Sadly, there are a lot of dull NFL players. It’s no CFL. (WSJ)

Is Home Alone 2 a nice family film or a sadistic piece of torture porn? (BuzzFeed)

If you were looking for a Billy Joel-themed recap of all the dumb celebrity news of 2013, have I got the video for you.

Toronto City Council took some time out of their day to dance to reggae music.

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