Wednesday Link-Off: Downfall

alejandra-alonso-womenssecret13-01It’s one week until Christmas and I still have Christmas shopping to do. Okay, the shopping is actually done but five business day shipping has turned into 10+ now. What a ripoff. Fortunately for me, Amazon has overnight shipping just in case and I’m confident they won’t screw it up.

Anyway, it’s time for the links. Let’s kick things off with Alejandra Alonso.

The Boston Globe examines the lives of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bombers. (Boston Globe)

A former Boston assistant district attorney got himself arrested so he could see what the American justice system was actually like. The results may surprise you but probably shouldn’t. (The Atlantic)

No, Kanye, you’re nothing like a police officer or military personnel. An Ohio police chief sets the rapper straight. (Clash Daily)

Toronto mayor Rob Ford spent some time this weekend at a church. He may have smelled like the ganja. (Gawker)

He also danced with a reggae band during a city council meeting after apologizing to a Toronto Star reporter after being served with a libel notice. (Deadspin) That being said, I currently have no intention to cover that libel suit. I’m leery of the motivations the Toronto Star has in publicly backing the suit and therefore will not be covering it. Maybe I’m just being a cynic, though.

A U.S. District Court judge ruled that the NSA’s phone tracking and logging program is likely unconstitutional. (Politico)

If you’re Hilary Clinton or a Clinton backer, she’s polling strong in Iowa with only two-ish years until the start of the primary races. (Washington Post)

What would happen if the media reported as hysterically on gun violence as they did “the knockout game.” (The Wire)

Former NBC personality Michelle Beadle had a brouhaha with WWE women’s champion (I refuse to call a female wrestler a “diva” or refer to her as the “Diva’s Champion”) AJ Lee at a recent TV taping. Is it real or worked? (The Big Lead)

I’m not the only one in the world who thinks Jason Whitlock is a good writer. Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino does too. (DC Sports Bog)

Andrew Maness did a detailed examination of IndyCar’s TV ratings and found out what actually affects the sport’s ratings and why you shouldn’t completely write off the series yet. (NASCARnomics)

You’ve heard many arguments about who should be Team Canada’s three goalies in Sochi but here are some hard numbers to add to your next debate. (Sportsnet)

A lawyer for a Santa who got a public handjob that was caught on video sent Gawker a letter asking that the video and article be removed from the site. Then they did some digging… (Gawker)

Here’s a funny look at how different media organizations would report on the apocalypse. (BuzzFeed)

Dan Patrick Show fans finally got the moment they were waiting for. It’s Seton vs. Jay Glazer.

You’d think that local news anchors would know better than to use the same script nationwide because when they do, Conan will find them.

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