Saturday Link-Off: Ford-ing Ahead

shanina-shaik-victoriassecret13-02We’re doing the sandwich method intro. Good news! The week is finally over. I haven’t had a particularly fun one but this weekend is looking fun. Chances are that you’ve already seen the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode and there’s an F1 race tomorrow. I should have write-ups of both this week.

Bad news: Jackie’s been a bit all over the place this week and weekend so I’ve drawn in today. He’ll be popping in next week with more news and reviews from the Brisbane International Film Festival.

And good news: We’re starting off today’s post with Shanina Shaik who’s making her first appearance on the blog.

Is no one associated with Rob Ford a reputable character? Even his fitness consultant seems to be a disreputable character. (National Post)

Only… Nope. There’s no possible intro for this news. Rob Ford has a higher approval rating than Barack Obama. What the hell? (Daily Telegraph)

Norm MacDonald’s brother, respected Canadian journalist Neil, explains why America is more obsessed with the Rob Ford story than their own politics. (CBC News)

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. Here’s a look at how UPI dominated press coverage on the day. (American Journalism Review)

A woman explains how she didn’t slut shame women whose pictures ended up in the dregs of the internet and worked to help them in a way the authorities weren’t willing to. (xoJane)

George Zimmerman can’t stay out of trouble. He’s now accused of sending an image from a sex tape intimate video to his girlfriend’s daughter. (Mediaite)

An ESPN writer took an all-expenses paid trip to Qatar. Naturally, he only had lovely things to say about Qatar despite all the terrible things happening to migrant workers there. (Deadspin)

In another excerpt from his new book, The Masked Man writes about Chris Benoit and his deletion from WWE history. (Dead Wrestler of the Week)

In case you’re into entertainment reporting, and you just might be if you frequent the blog on Saturdays, Nikke Finke’s battle with Deadline Hollywood is still going strong. (LA Times)

Ron Burgandy has the theme song for Rob Ford’s next mayoral campaign.

The Survivor Series is this weekend. That was the first pay-per-view that The Undertaker appeared on back in 1990 as a mystery partner for the Million Dollar Man’s team.


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