Sunday Link-Off: A Sad Reality

candice-swanepoel-fantasybra13-01Happy Sunday, one and all. It’s time for the links. Or some links any way. I’ve been having bad luck finding good links that I like lately. Hopefully I can make up for that with Candice Swanepoel in Victoria Secret’s $10 million fantasy bra. Three questions: 1) Who thinks multi-million dollar lingerie is a good idea? 2) What happens if they break it? And 3) Can I get one jewel off it? Just one?

Daisy Coleman, the Maryville rape victim we mentioned earlier this week, wrote about her experience in her own words. (xoJane)

Rob Ford may think that he was done wrong by the press breaking and covering the crack scandal story but the Ontario Press Council says that the media has been doing their job correctly. (CBC News)

How did Jeff Bezos turn Amazon into the most powerful store in the world? A new book is trying to answer that questions. (Businessweek)

Australian sailor Ivan Macfayden talks about his trip from Osaka to Melbourne. The story about the environmental damage from the tsunami and Fukushima is just astounding. (Newcastle Herald)

China is dealing with their ever-growing population by building new cities whether people move into them or not. (Gizmodo)

For the 25th anniversary, here’s an oral history of Kirk Gibson’s famous walk-off home run in the 1988 World Series. (ESPN LA)

Malcolm Gladwell is a best-selling author with a new book out but should we stop listening to his cherry picked science? (MIT Tracker)

The amazing Amy Poehler talks about her summer job at an ice cream parlor. Yes, I’m short on links. (The New Yorker)

Nobody panic but a new study says that bacon lower sperm count. Okay, I’m panicking a little lot. (The Age)

Old Cuz, Bill Murray, didn’t appreciate Lee Corso picking Florida State by dressing up in a likely racist seminole outfit. Cuz set Lee straight by tackling him and throwing his spear into the crowd. Just another day in the life of Bill Murray.

Someone did a full length Breaking Bad intro using the extended version of the theme song. I’m surprised now one thought of this sooner.

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