Wednesday Link-Off: Follow the Money

eve-tramunt-adoreme13-01It’s Wednesday which means that this is the time for some of our favourite links from the week so far. Let’s start out with French model Eve Tramunt.

Detroit’s bankruptcy isn’t just a result of the recent Great Recession but the result of bad decisions starting back in the 1950s that built up to this year’s bankruptcy declaration. (Detroit Free Press)

Canadian scientists are concerned about the federal government’s lack of interest in research that serves the public rather than commercial interests. The Harper government bending over to promote business over the people shouldn’t surprise anyone. (The Globe and Mail)

The Great Recession is five years old now. Here’s how we’re still talking about it incorrectly. (Washington Post)

What uses more electricity: Liberia or Cowboys Stadium on gameday? (Wall Street Journal)

The FBI thinks that the 1980s New York Knicks fixed games for the benefit of their drug dealer. (New York Post)

FIFA wants to move the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to the winter to avoid the oppressive summer heat of the desert. However, legal hurdles make it more likely that the World Cup would move hosts before moving seasons. (Daily Mail)

The NHL preseason is underway. Someone forgot to tell Florida Panthers fans, though. (Deadspin)

Bleacher Report founder Bryan Goldberg is starting a site for women. It’s not going over very well. (Gawker) is going through a complete overhaul that will result in all their freelancers leaving and a number of layoffs. (Romenesko)

Have you heard of @gselevator? It might be worth a follow. (Business Insider)

Best prank ever? A group of friends rig the mate’s plumbing to only pour beer out of the faucets. Naturally, the Kimmel twerking tape has everyone screaming fake?

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