Lowdown Monthly – May 2013

lowdown-new-small-lIt’s time to once again take a look back at the past month here on the blog with Lowdown Monthly. Considering the amount of content we’ve pushed out over the 31 days in May, I thought now would be a good time to bring it back. So here’s our look back at our favourite and the most popular posts of May.


I don’t know about you but I’m tired of video game publishers rehashing the same old stuff all the time.
I’m Tired of Reboots, Remakes and Reimaginings: The Onset of Gamer Fatigue

The Xbox One launched in May. For a gaming console, Microsoft seemed to not care about games for the Xbone.
Microsoft Launches the Xbox One; Here’s What We Know
Console Wars: The Xbox One’s Failure to Launch is a Marketing Failure

We also got a little political with our examination of political attack ads.
Have Attack Ads Outlived Their Welcome?

Best of the Rest
Building the Perfect Star Trek Game
What Your Coffee Says About You (Infographic)
Caption This: May 11 – 17, 2013
F1 Monaco GP: To Finish 1st, First You Must Win The Pole
Shepard Has a New Plan to Defeat the Reapers

Best Linkdumps
Entertainment Link-Off: Young and Beautiful
Sunday Link-Off: Economics 101
Wednesday Link-Off: Forces of Good and Bad

Top Five Most Viewed
1. Man Lab Showdown: Kelly Brook vs. Rosie Jones
2. Top 10 Orange County Choppers Bikes
3. The History of Hulk Hogan’s Entrance Music
4. Man Lab Showdown: Adriana Lima vs. Candice Swanepoel
5. Man Lab Showdown: Anna Kendrick vs. Aimee Teegarden


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