Sunday Link-Off: (Sports) Media Matters

valerie-van-der-graaf-beachbunny13-04You know, it’s tough to have weekend plans completely ruined by the incompetence of a parcel service. You promise delivery on a Thursday but rather than fly the parcel from Mississauga  UPS drove it from there to Northern Ontario. Yeah, why use the convenient airport that’s right there.

Anyway, today is a Sunday which means that it’s time for the end of the week links. Let’s start with Dutch model Valerie van der Graaf.

Bad news for people claiming that the “tax and spend liberals” are crippling America’s economy, they need to do a little fact-checking. The federal deficit is actually shrinking. (NPR)

In professional wrestling, Hulk Hogan could use his political clout to influence the outcome of matches. Now, he’s trying to do the same to the First Amendment. (Mugshots)

Are blogs dying or just evolving from their classic form? (The Dish)

Political lobbyists are finding that the best way to get their message to President Obama is by airing ads on ESPN. (Politico)

Thought that sponsored content was just an online thing? ESPN in bringing it to print in their magazine. (Ad Week)

If Chris Broussard says that being homosexual is akin to an open rebellion to got, does that make him a bigot or just close-minded because of his religious beliefs? (Deadspin)

It’s a sad day for the internet. Sports Radio Interviews is signing off after four years of documenting all the interesting things said on sports talk radio. Sports radio is where the action happens and I’m sorry to see sports radio’s #1 site go. (Sports Radio Interviews)

At one point in time, Frank Isola was the top beat writer for the New York Knicks. Now, he’s persona non grata at MSG. (Deadspin)

Floyd Mayweather may be one of the best fighters in the world but don’t forget that he is a woman beater too. (Yahoo Sports)

Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket had three games to show on two channels. They handled it the worst way possible. (Ken Fang)

Don Cherry biggest problem is seldom his opinions but how he phrases them. He is utterly devoid of eloquence. As such, he gave a short quotable snippet about female reporters in locker rooms when his whole segment showed that he means well. Apparently, Brad Gagnon is the only person to listen to Cherry’s whole segment rather than go for the easy story. (Brad Gagnon) That’s not a defence of Cherry. I think female reporters should be allowed in the locker room. I can understand Grapes’ sentiment though. That last paragraph is more a critique of click-baiting by the sports media.

Tim Tebow may be coming to Canada. However, I don’t think the CFL is his calling. (Suss Weekly)

Is Donald Trump being anti-Semitic by referring to Jon Stewart by his birth name? Is Jon Stewart being anti-fucking moron by referring to Donald trump by his? (Gawker)

As we’ve come to expect, Hockey Night in Canada had a great intro video for this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Last week, Katie Couric did an episode of her daytime talk show about video games and violence. Rather than use science, she preached to the choir. Far Cry 3’s ode to the 80s, Blood Dragon, used more science in talking about video games than Katie did. Remember when she anchored CBS News? She doesn’t.

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