Entertainment Link-Off: Never Gets Old

sarah shahiNothing too noteworthy out this weekend, so I’m not too sure what to lead off with. Well, the folks here in Aussieland finally get a look at Sly’s latest Bullet to the Head, so let’s start off with Sarah Shahi, who plays his daughter in the flick.

After the jump, Michael Bay and Guillermo del Toro not getting along, Transformers is looking for more Chinese actors, some Pitch Perfect stuff, Patton Oswalt shares his vision of Star Wars, the cast of This is the End celebrates 4/20 with you, Harrison Ford still won’t answer your Star Wars questions and a taste of K-pop that has nothing to do with Psy.

Could Michael Bay be feuding with Guillermo del Toro over the fact that they’re both making big budget robot movies? Possibly, but for now, whatever war of words they may have had is now squashed. (Slashfilm)

Get a look at the new one-sheet for Thor: The Dark World. (USA Today)

Robert Downey Jr. might be calling it a day with Iron Man after the release of the third film. (GQ)

First look at Jamie Foxx as Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. (Collider)

Seth MacFarlane may have already said that he’s not interested in hosting the Oscars again, but could his stance soften now that the producers are reaching out to him to host next year’s festivities? (Just Jared)

Just wonderful. The next Transformers flick will start casting Chinese actors via a reality TV series. (Slashfilm)

At a running time of almost 80 minutes, iSteve doesn’t carry the same quick zingers like most Funny or Die content, but there are some good moments. The icing on the cake for this biopic parody is the fact they got Justin Long, the former face of the Apple commercials, as Jobs. (Funny or Die)

Joss Whedon reveals that The Avengers 2 will start filming in February 2014 and promises ‘awful’ things for the returning characters. (Total Film)

After being featured in Pitch Perfect, the Cups song has been a hit on radio stations and thus a soundtrack re-release and a music video has resulted. Check out the director’s cut of the ‘Cups’ video featuring Anna Kendrick. (Vevo)

Speaking of Pitch Perfect, time for an aca-sequel set for 2015. (Collider)

Despite all the denials, Steve Carell might be making his way back to Dunder Mifflin. (TV Line)

Awesome faux-poster for Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars movie. (Entertainment Weekly)

If you have no idea what the above post is about, perhaps you should watch this video below first.

The cast of This Is the End wishes you a happy 4/20!

The latest Man of Steel trailer gives us a few glimpses of the big budget action sequences but still focuses mainly on the emotional depth that this film will attempt to carry.

First look at Jeff Bridges teaming up with Ryan Reynolds in the supernatural action-comedy R.I.P.D. Looks fun as it carries a bit of M.I.B. vibe in it.

Harrison Ford still won’t answer Star Wars related questions. He made that pretty clear on Jimmy Kimmel lately. Things were going well… until they started to let the audience ask questions…

Attempting to make some unsexy .gifs with Alison Brie.

With Psy’s Gentleman climbing the charts and taking over Youtube, perhaps it’s more appropriate to try to recommend some different K-pop that might not annoy the general public. So music recommendation of the week goes to Jay Park’s Joah. As an added bonus, this was filmed in Seattle! Enjoy.


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