Wednesday Link-Off: Spoilers

magdalena-frackowiak-victoriassecret13-04It’s time for the middle of the week which means it’s time for the links. Let’s skip the intro and go straight to the show. First, here’s Magdalena Frackowiak who is making her first appearance on the blog.

Thanks to DVRs, Netflix shows, downloading and social media, has the spoiler warning gone the way of the dodo? (Wired)

Speaking of going the way of the dodo, could Microsoft not be long for this world? (Yahoo Finance)

You may not know but I’m a bit of a cricket fan and watch the IPL every weekend during the spring. Anyway, here’s a look at how Washington National (I think that’s the singular) Bryce Harper would fare in cricket. (Natstradamus)

The season isn’t going so well so far for the Blue Jays. As such, the fans are creating their own entertainment from the stands. (Big League Stew)

On the plus side, Jays fans, your owner is the least dickish (and least influential) in the league. (Mother Jones)

WrestleMania 29 was this weekend. Take it away, Stroud. (With Leather)

There are no major releases coming out this week in gaming so Kotaku is trolling for page views by running Mass Effect week. At least they did an interview with Mass Effect writer Drew Karpyshyn. (Kotaku)

GamesIndustry out did Kotaku’s Mass Effect week by scoring an interview with one of BioWare’s famed Doctors, Greg Zeschuk. (GamesIndustry)

Strombo is heading south. George Stroumboulopoulos will spend his summer doing a weekly show for CNN. (Deadline)

Ever wonder where your favourite stars of the 90s went? They’re all on Mad Men. (Uproxx)

Adam Sessler explains why Metacritic is evil and why their aggregated score shouldn’t matter to anyone.

Rush, the movie about the epic 1976 Formula One World Championship, has a trailer. Sure as fuck looks better than Driven.


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