Sunday Link-Off: Toward the Cliff

anna-kendrick-trevorproject12-03It’s the end of the week which means it’s time for more links. There’s not too much planned for the week ahead. If the videos are ever uploaded to YouTube, we’ll have a VGA trailer roundup. We’ll also have our first indie game review later this week. For now, here’s Anna Kendrick. She might not be one of the blogosphere’s favourite women but she is one of ours.

With America ready to dive off the fiscal cliff, the question is starting rise as to whether the US and global economies would be better off with a Republican plan to cut social spending and “close tax loopholes” or letting the deal expire. (The New Republic)

The gun control debate is starting back up again. We’ve essentially reached the point where the battle lines are being drawn and people will have to pick sides. (The Shadow League)

On that note, given how much America spends on defence, isn’t it time that the defence budget is reduced? (Business Week)

After the jump, ESPN’s spin on plagiarism, some brief looks at the money of the video game business and a little bit of Metallica.

If you wanted to look at the current state of social media, Nielsen has released their annual report. (Nielsen)

Why does ESPN VP John Walsh think that Deadspin made such a big deal out of Lynn Hoppes being a plagiarist? He says it’s because Hoppes stole Deadspin writer John Koblin’s girlfriend. One problem, though. Koblin is gay and willing to call Walsh on his bullshit. (Deadspin)

Ever heard of college football coach Sonny Dykes? If you read SI, you’d know him as Sonny **** because they use filters rather than editors for short stories from the wire. (Romenesko)

The NFL banned New Orleans coach Sean Payton from contacting anyone on his team but is it possible for them to actually employment. (New York Times)

Now that we’re through 2.5 seasons and 27 episodes of The Walking Dead, it’s time to do a quick recap. It’s not a plot recap. It’s a zombie killing recap. (National Post)

If you want further proof of the death of MTV, check out this look at the blog for “millennials.” (BuzzFeed)

Now that we have a new (and hopefully final) release date for Bioshock Infinite, here’s a look at the massive ambitions that creator Ken Levine has for this game. (Wired)

Did you know that BioWare was looking to make a secret agent game. It wasn’t going to be a shooter but something closer to a Bourne movie meeting a Bond movie. (Eurogamer)

So you want to work on a Madden game? It might not be the dream job you hoped it would be. (Kotaku)

Just when you were hoping that the CoD franchise would go away, Blops 2 goes out and grosses $1 billion in sales in 15 days. (Insert Coin) If it’s still wildly profitable, there’s no reason why they won’t still make it.

I haven’t talked about the NHL Lockout too much because it bores me. However, here’s your Taiwanese summary of the last week to catch you up.

To cheer you up, here’s Metallica rocking Quebec City in a song from their upcoming DVD.

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